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How to Grow Your Own Bonsai Quickly

If you are wondering about How to Grow Your Own Bonsai Quickly then you can use these tricks to make your miniature tree achieve fast growth!

Bonsais are a fun way to grow big trees in a miniature form. However, you need to have patience and fortitude to grow them. With dedicated care and understanding the requirements involved, you can surely have your own bonsai, flourishing in your home! Let’s have a look at How to Grow Your Own Bonsai Quickly!

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Choose a Fast-Growing Variety

How to Grow Your Own Bonsai Quickly

Choosing a fast-growing variety will save you from the hassles of waiting and maintaining the plant for long. The following varieties have a thick trunk and they grow faster.

  • Crassula Bonsai
  • Ficus Ginseng Bonsai
  • Money Tree Bonsai
  • Adenium Bonsai

Ideal Pot Size

Buy a bonsai planter that matches the size of an established bonsai tree for an accurate balance. Choose a deep pot that accommodates the thick trunk properly.

Encourage Trunk Growth

Large and healthy trunk aids in faster growth of the bonsai plant, providing the needed nutrients and water to the foliage. Follow this technique for a thick trunk:

Merging is the quickest way to achieve a thick bonsai trunk. Grow several saplings and tie them tight together using a rope. In the growing season, the saplings will grow fast, and due to a limited area, they’ll merge and become one tree.

Don’t Grow Bonsai from Seed

If you want to grow bonsai faster, then select from the given alternatives:

  • Get a Fast-Growing Bonsai: Choose any one of the bonsais that we have mentioned above. They’ll not only grow fast, but they’re also going to take a great bonsai form in no time!
  • Get Bonsai from a Nursery: Select a new bonsai with a thick trunk and a good shape. This way, you’ll have a well-grown bonsai tree to style, wire, and prune according to your desired shape!

Tips and Tricks for a Rapid Growth

  • Bonsai tree grows fast and stays healthy when placed in an area where it receives 4-5 hours of direct sun each day.
  • Place bonsai where the temperature is 60 F (16 C) or higher during the daylight hours.
  • Keep the soil moist with regular watering.
  • Fertilize using an all Purpose, 10-15-10 fertilizer, once in every 4-5 weeks in the growing season, from early spring to late fall. Bonsai has a space-constrained root system that requires feeding to maintain healthy growth.
  • Re-pot bonsai tree every two years during spring before the growing cycle starts again. Use the same type of soil, so the plant adapts easily.
  • While repotting, prune at least a third of the roots from the end. It’ll prevent them from crushing in the pot, and they will absorb nutrients properly.
  • If you notice any pests or insect infestation, treat immediately with a dose of pesticide.

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