24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow!

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Do you like easy-to-grow plants with a vivid hue? Check out these Best Roseum Succulents to bring a dash of rose color indoors!

Have a look at the Best Roseum Succulents with a rose-like hue that will definitely bring a stunning appeal indoors!

Here are the best succulents that look like roses

Best Roseum Succulents

1. Pink Moonstones

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 1

Botanical Name: Pachyphytum oviferum

Moonstones turn pink when exposed to plenty of sunlight. They dwell in small containers and are the best options for a sunny windowsill. 

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2. Rose Flower Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Sedum laxum
With fleshy leaves and clusters of starry, tiny flowers, this succulent stands out with its vivid hue. Make sure you expose it to sunlight most of the time.

3. Tricolor Stonecrop

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 2

Botanical Name: Sedum spurium ‘Tricolor’

Tricolor is a cold-hardy, tiny roseum succulent that can make for an excellent ground cover or houseplant. Its leaves have pink accents along the edges with a green center.

4. Fireglow


Botanical Name: Echeveria’ Fireglow’

With green, regal plum, and beige tones on a wavy rosette, Fireglow can make for a perfect addition to your home or garden that looks like a rosebud. 

5. Dragon’s Blood Sedum

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 3

Botanical Name: Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’

Its leaves can hold on to their intense shades throughout the growing season. With buds appearing in burgundy during the spring, the blooms open in bright shades of pink. 

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6. Pink Jelly Bean


Botanical Name: Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

This plant bears fleshy, thick leaves that can spiral up the stems. It works as an excellent accent plant when paired with other succulents. 

7. Caucasian Stonecrop

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 4

Botanical Name: Sedum spurium ‘Red Carpet’

Its small and round leaves turn into a shade of burgundy in spring, with distinct red edges. The flowers appear from spring to mid-summer.

8. Raspberry Red Sedum

Botanical Name: Sedum spurium ‘Raspberry Red’

This variety displays green leaves in spring and summer that turn red and pink in fall. With light pink blooms in bright clusters, it is one of the most striking succulents you can grow.

9. Versadense Sedum

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 5

Botanical Name: Sedum versadense var. versadens

It is another rare and best type of rose succulent as the plant looks stunning and requires minimal care. Give it plenty of sunlight for the best color.

10. Voodoo Sedum


Botanical Name: Sedum spurium ‘Voodoo’

With dark burgundy-colored leaves, the plant displays flowers in bright pink shade from late spring to midsummer. Place them with green succulents for a striking contrast.

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11. Sempervivum ‘Viking’

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 6

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum

Sempervivum ‘Viking’ displays a rosette of dramatic foliage in the shades of dark pink to dark purple. The star-shaped flowers come in shades of pink, red, yellow, or white.

12. Echeveria Romeo ‘Rubin’


Botanical Name: Echeveria agavoides

The glossy and vivid red leaves look stunning indoors and spread to 6 inches tall and 12 inches wide under favorable conditions.

13. Sempervivum’ Red Rubin’

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 7

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum ‘Red Rubin’

The gorgeous rosette of glossy red inner leaves gives a striking contrast to the pale green outer leaves and grows several small pups around its base.

14. Echeveria agavoides ‘Romeo’


Botanical Name: Echeveria agavoides ‘Romeo’

A clump-forming succulent with bright pink to purplish gray leaves, Echeveria ‘Romeo’ displays the best colors if exposed to 2-3 hours of bright direct sunlight.

15. Crassula capitella ‘Red Pagoda’

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 8

Botanical Name: Crassula capitella ‘Red Pagoda’

This is a unique-looking branching succulent featuring densely packed thick and fleshy triangular leaves with vibrant red tips.

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16. Sempervivum’ Red Lion’


Botanical Name: Sempervivum ‘Red Lion’

The Sempervivum ‘Red Lion’ displays rosettes of glossy, dark red leaves with a greenish tint on the inside and at the tips.

17. Versadense Sedum

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 9

Botanical Name: Sedum versadense

The clusters of tiny leaves have a reddish-cream color on the upper surface and a darker tone on the lower part. Star-shaped pinkish-white flowers appear in summer.

18. Echeveria Laui

Botanical Name: Echeveria laui

The greenish-blue leaves have a touch of pink on the lower side and are covered with a powdery layer giving the succulent an extra-ordinary appeal.

19. Sedeveria Pink Granite

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 10

Botanical Name: Sedeveria granite pink

The succulent features clusters of plump, and round leaves in the shades of greenish pink and looks beautiful if dangled down a small clay or porcelain cup.

20. Mountain Rose Greenovia

Botanical Name: Aeonium dodrantale

The dense, tightly packed rosette of pale green to pinkish leaves gives this pretty succulent the perfect rose-like look and is a must-have specimen for rose-lovers.

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21. Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 11

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Perle von Nürnberg’

A gorgeous gray succulent that takes a pinkish purple hue under full sun and grows up to 6 inches wide under suitable growing conditions.

22. Echeveria Pink Champagne


Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Pink Champagne’

This rosette-forming succulent features silvery-gray leaves with a pinkish hue that makes it one of the most beautiful succulents on this list.

23. Echeveria Rainbow

24 Most Beautiful Roseum Succulents You Can Grow! 12

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nürnberg’

Echeveria ‘Rainbow’ has dreamy variegation with a tint of brown, purple, and yellow that gives an overall pinkish touch to the succulent leaves.

24. Aeonium Rubrum


Botanical Name: Aeonium arboreum

Popular by the name ‘Saucer Plant’, Aeonium rubrum displays thick, bright-green leaves with wide tips that tend to develop a reddish hue if stressed.

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