7 DIY Stocking & Pantyhose Hacks For The Garden!

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7 Smart Gardening Hacks that require old stockings or pantyhose. Find out!

1. Store Onions

Store onions and garlic in the stocking or pantyhose. Choose a cool, dry place to hang. You can also store the other garden bulbs that way. The air circulation and flexibility of the fabric makes it a nice storage option. Visit the Brooklyn Farm Girl to understand this hack!

2. Protect Fruits

Protect your garden fruits and vegetables from maggots, codling moths, and other insects by wrapping them in the stockings or nylon socks, when they’re immature in size. Due to the stretching ability of nylon, the fruits will not be stressed and gain their size easily, and the fabric will work as a barrier against these pests. Learn more about this here!

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3. Collect Seeds

Collect seeds from your flowering plants and vegetables before they cast them down on the ground and become invisible. This nice gardening hack is worth trying–Tie a piece from an old stocking over the brown ripening pods or seed heads. This idea will save the seeds from falling and protect them from the birds. Learn more here.

4. Tie Plants

Cut the old stocking or pantyhose into strips and use them to fasten the plants to stakes. As nylon is stretchable, it’ll allow the unrestricted growth of the plant and provide support by gripping the stake. This gardening hack is very functional for many flowering and vegetable plants, especially the tomatoes.

5. Support Melons

As melons, gourds, and squashes are heavy, providing support to the stems is essential to keep them from breaking. Use clean pantyhose or stocking to wrap around the fruits. The step by step instructions are available here!

6. Pot Liner

Old stocking can be used as a pot liner to line the bottom of the container. It’ll help in stopping the soil from coming out while watering the plants. It’s a nice idea for the pots you’re using for growing houseplants.

7. Make Scent Bags

Make scent bags or air freshener sachets out of your old nylon stocking or pantyhose. Trim off the foot of the pantyhose and fill it with potpourri. Place it in your wardrobe, laundry area or drawer to keep things smelling fresh.

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