11 Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden

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Using coke in the yard can sound like a ridiculous idea, but it has its own advantages. Have a look at 11 Coca-Cola Uses In The Garden!

Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden

Whether you hate or love it, coke is one of the best-selling beverages in the world. However, it has adverse health effects, but it can be helpful in gardening, in many ways. Let’s have a look at some beneficial Coca-Cola Uses In The Garden!

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Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden

1. Kill Aphids and Mealybugs

To kill aphids and other pests, you will need a bottle of diet coke as the sugar in normal coke would end up attracting ants that promote aphids and mealybug infestation. If you don’t have ant problem then you can use the normal coca-cola too.

Transfer the coke into a spray bottle and use it immediately on the pests before the tingling froth produced by carbon dioxide in the drink goes away. Also, spray a good quantity till you drench them completely to make it work its magic fast.

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2. Feed your Plants

Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden 2

It can sound surprising but it is beneficial for Gardenias and Azaleas, more specifically. Pouring a small amount like 15-20 ml of Coca-Cola once in a while around the base of these plants can deliver helpful nutrients to the plants, resulting in better flowers!

It can also be a good lawn fertilizer, promoting the growth of grass, thanks to the CO2 content and plants love it! As soda drinks also have traces of potassium, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and sodium, they contribute to the overall growth of the foliage.

Mix 1 part of coke with three parts of water and use it on the lawn.

3. For Composting

You may find it unusual, but you can use Coke as an ingredient in your compost pile. Coke’s mildly acidic nature will help break down organic matter, while its sweetness helps attract micro-organisms that aid in the composting process.

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4. Kill Slugs

Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden  4

Pour some Coca-Cola into a deep bowl overnight, and the snails and slugs will be attracted to it and get drowned. The acid in the soda will kill these pests.

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5. Put off Bugs

Bugs can inadvertently damage your plants. They are difficult to catch but you can get rid of them with the help of some Coca-Cola.

Place an open can of used Coca-Cola near a window or in the garden and watch the bugs get attracted and trapped in the can. As simple as that!

6. Make a Wasp Trap

Coca-Cola Uses In The Garden 2

If there are too many wasps visiting your garden then use coca-cola to lure and kill them.

Make holes at the top of the coke bottle and hang it in an open spot in your garden. These insects will get attracted to the sweet drink and drown.

7. Get Rid of Limescale

To make sure your garden tools like watering nozzles, buckets, and taps are restored to their former glory, you can put some Coca-Cola to use.

Empty a bottle of coke in a bucket of warm water, add 2-4 teaspoons of vinegar and mix well. Soak the tools for 5-6 hours in this solution and then wipe off the accumulated limescale from the contaminated surfaces.

8. Get Rid of Anthill and Cockroaches

Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden  5

You can get rid of cockroaches and anthills with Coca-Cola. Spray it on cockroaches or anthills and destroy them easily. The carbonated acidic content will kill them.

9. Loosen Rusty Bolts

Coca-Cola Uses In The Garden 3

If there are any rusty bolts in the garden gate or on the garden furniture, you can use Coca-Cola to wipe out the rust and make it work.

Unscrew the bolt halfway, pour some Coca-Cola, and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes. Then, wipe off the rust from the metal, screws, nuts, and bolts.

10. Clean Birdbath

The acid and carbonated content in the coke is a great cleaner. Simply soak the birdbath in Coca-Cola and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Once done, scrub it well using a brush.

Do make sure to wash the coke using plenty of water as the sugar content may attract other pests or ants.

11. Remove Moss on Pavers and Tiles

Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden  6

Coca-Cola can do an excellent job in getting rid of moss from the walkway slabs and walls. Coke contains phosphoric acid that damages the existing moss and keeps the area free from further growth.

Use a brush and a bottle of coke to clean where you spot the mess.

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  1. My outdoor plants were plagued with mealybugs for years and I tried toxic sprays, washing the leaves with soapy water, and squashing them individually and never could get rid of them. But I put a light cola, without any sugar, in a spray bottle and I sprayed my plants till they were wet, and I have no more mealybugs. I have not seen another one since just one treatment. And this cola has not damaged any plant. It is a miracle treatment for me.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment of something that you tried and it worked! It helps anyone reading this article!


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