11 DIY Uses Of Plastic Bags In The Garden That Are Practical & Cheap

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Plastic Bags are everywhere, you can recycle them easily with these 11 practical DIY uses of plastic bags in the garden!

1. Potting Soil Bag Container

Learn how to use the potting soil plastic bag to grow plants, check out the tutorial video here. It can be a nice makeshift container.

2. Growing Potatoes in a Trash Bag

You can grow food anywhere, in the trash bag as well. Click here to find out!

3. Self Watering Plastic Bag Containers

Self-watering plastic bags containers for the balcony gardeners. Watch the DIY video here!

4. Plastic Bag Ghosts

Create some plastic bag ghosts to add oomph to your garden. The tutorial is here!

5. Container Greenhouse

Create a greenhouse for your container plants. Watch the video here!

6. DIY Pom-Pom Lights from Trash

Plastic shopping bags and dome lids are used to create this cheap but fantastic, DIY Pom-Pom Lights. Tutorial here!

7. Grow Bag Vegetable Garden

This is the similar idea like the first tutorial. Check it out here!

8. Protect your Potted Plants in Winter

Protect your precious potted plants in winter by wrapping them in the plastic shopping bags and then again in the burlap. Follow the instructions here!

9. Cheap Way To Water Plants When Out

Try this dirt cheap way here to supply water your houseplants when you’re out, using a plastic bag.

10. Keep Your Herbs Fresh

Place your herbs in a glass half-filled with water and drape the plastic bag over the herbs. Secure it by wrapping the rubber band and put the glass in the refrigerator. Your herbs will stay fresh for longer.

11. Fruit Protection

Protect your fruits from pests by wrapping them in the plastic bag. Find out more here!

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You don't believe but plastic bags can be so useful in the garden. Find out 11 DIY Ideas!

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