5 Super Cool DIY Orchid Humidity Tray Ideas

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Check out some fantastic DIY Orchid Humidity Tray Ideas that will help this exotic flower bloom in all its health and grace!

DIY Orchid Humidity Tray Ideas

If you want to keep your Orchids happy then follow these DIY Orchid Humidity Tray Ideas that will make sure your plants shine with colorful flowers!

Here are the best secrets to make Orchids flower!

Why Use a Humidity Tray for Orchids?

The humidity tray is an excellent way to raise its level for your orchids. These flowers love to thrive in conditions similar to the tropical jungle where the humidity level is between 75 – 88 percent and mimicking the same in homes will ensure they stay in the best of their shape and health.

It can be difficult to maintain that kind of humidity level indoors all the time and this is where the humidity tray comes in handy! 

How to Make a Humidity Tray for Orchids?

You can make your own humidity tray by using a plastic disk, a layer of stones with gravel, and water. Place the orchid pot, with a drainage hole at the bottom, carefully over it. The water that evaporates from the humidity tray offers extra humidity to the beauties. 

DIY Orchid Humidity Tray Ideas

1. Stones and Gravel Humidity Tray

All you need are some stones, gravel, and a plastic shallow bowl to make this simple orchid humidity tray that would only take a few minutes and much lesser time to maintain. Follow the step-by-step guide here.

2. Rock and Charcoal Humidity Tray

DIY Orchid Humidity Tray Ideas 2

Watch this video to understand why it is important to make a humidity tray using either plastic or coated dish. It will also teach you how to keep your furniture safe from getting damaged by water.

3. Pebble Humidity Tray

Making a DIY pebble humidity tray is simple and easy. Take a shallow dish, fill it with small rocks or pebbles, and water. That’s it! Click here for details.

4. Glass Saucer Humidity Tray

DIY Orchid Humidity Tray Ideas 5

To make a large DIY Glass Saucer humidity tray at home, you need a saucer made of either plastic, or a simple plate, or dish, or a disposable pan. This step-by-step tutorial will give you all the information you need!

5. Cork Trivet Humdity Drip Tray

If you want to place the humidity tray on a wooden surface, you can read this guide to make one with a cork trivet glued to the tray’s bottom.

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