10 Work from Home Zen Space Ideas

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Want a relaxing space where you can work in peace and comfort? Here some mindful Work from Home Zen Space Ideas you can take inspiration from.

Working from home can get stressful and may take a toll on your health. To help you have a relaxed environment, here are some mindful Work from Home Zen Space Ideas that will help you with focus and a productivity boost.

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Work from Home Zen Space Ideas

1. Buddha Work Space

Work from Home Zen Space Ideas

The buddha elements on the wall will bring a lot of positive vibes while working from home.

2. Tabletop Mini Zen Garden

This small zen garden right on the top of your desk will give you all the positive motivation you need.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp on Desk

Work from Home Zen Space Ideas 2

The amber light from the Himalayan salt lamp will keep the vibes warm and positive.

4. Desk Lamp with Water Feature

The water feature of the desk lamp brings in a zen vibe with the calming sound of nature.

5. Potted Plants and Hanging Planter

Work from Home Zen Space Ideas 3

Zen combines the elements of nature and a work desk surrounded by plants makes for a calming environment to work.

6. Desktop Japanese Rock Garden

Image Source: gardenista

Using rocks, sand, and minimal plantings, you can make one for yourself easily.

7. A Miniature Fake plant with Marbles

Work from Home Zen Space Ideas 4

This small set up on a table with a faux miniature tree and marbles brings a positive feel.

8. A Small Work Desk with Pots

Nothing like working in the vicinity of plants to keep all the stress at bay.

9. A Zen Mousepad
Work from Home Zen Space Ideas 5

A mousepad mimicking the texture of a zen garden floor made of rocks and pebbles is a great way to take a feel of it.

10. Blue Buddha on the Desk!

Work from Home Zen Space Ideas 6
Image Source:-instagram

A Buddha on the desk will attract positive energy and also helps you to find good prospects for your career.

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