15 DIY Hydroponic Herb Garden Ideas

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Making a DIY Hydroponic Herb Garden is easier than you think and helps you grow the herbs using just the household materials!

We all love fresh herbs, don’t we? If you want to ditch the routine of buying them from stores, then we have good news for you! These Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY ideas will help you grow them just with water, which results in bigger and faster growth, and saves you from the hassles of mulching, tilling, changing of soil!

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Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY Ideas

1. Compact Basil Box

Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY

Here’s a compact hydroponic system to grow basil using PVC pipes and a basic DWC system.

2. Kratky Hydroponic System

This video will guide you into making a DIY using no electrical parts, pumps, airstones known as the Kratky method of hydroponics.

3. Lettuce in Repurposed Coffee Container

Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY 2

This is a non-circulating hydroponic DIY, which uses a coffee container and liquid plant food to grow lettuce.

4. Outdoor Garden Hydroponic Jar

An empty yogurt cup and cotton straps are all you need for this DIY! It is so easy that you can also involve your kids in it.

5. Cheap and Easy Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY 3

This DIY from the instructables will guide you into making a dirt-cheap hydroponic using small plastic tote and few supplies.

6. Hydroponic Lettuce In Buckets

This video will give you all the information on growing lettuce easily in a 5-gallon bucket

7. Easy Low-Maintenance Hydroponics

Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY 4

You can grow lettuce and kale in this DIY kratky system using just a bucket and a hydroponic fertilizer.

8. Wine Bottles Hydroponic

How about growing basils in empty wine bottles? Sounds fun? Click here to know all the details!

9. Hydroponic Herbs DIY

Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY 5

Using a ready-made system, you can grow a mini culinary herb garden in a very small space. Click here for all the details.

10. Sand Culture Hydroponics

Use sand as a growing medium and feed nutrient solution directly to the roots for thriving herbs. Details are here.

11. Grow Herbs in a Wine BottleHydroponic Herb Garden DIY 6

Wine bottles, sandpaper, Rockwool cube, and plant nutrients are all you need for this hydroponic DIY. Watch this video for more information.

12. Hydroponic Soda Bottle System

Have empty soda bottles? Don’t let them go to waste! Use perlite, peat moss, and herbs of your choice to turn it into a great hydroponic system!

13. DIY Water Bottle Hydroponic Herb System

Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY 7Use empty water bottles to grow your favorite herbs! This video will guide you in detail.

14. Wine Bottle Hydroponic Planter

Wine bottles can be a great hydroponic medium to grow not only herbs but succulents too!

15. Hydroponic Basil Using Mason Jars

Hydroponic Herb Garden DIY 8

We all have empty mason jars and the good news is, they can be excellent for growing hydroponic basil. Check out this video for all the information!

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