20 DIY Face Planters You Can Make In Minutes

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Twenty Handmade DIY Face Planter Projects that are easy and inexpensive, and you can make in minutes!

1. Pretty Face Planters

Pretty up your patio with this face planter idea. The step-by-step tutorial is here.

2. DIY Face Plant Pot

Showcase your creativity by making this smiling face pot! All you need is a black and peach marker and some inspiration.

3. Decorative Planters

This idea from DIY Network is undoubtedly different from other face planter ideas. You will need a pair of shiny buttons, twine, wine cork and waterproof epoxy to attach these things!

4. Painted Pot Faces

This painted pot faces craft idea is sufficient to flow the creative juices in your kids. Follow the directions here.

5. DIY Face Planters

DIY Face Planters

Dramatize your home with a stock of these adorable face planters with a 3D touch. You can get the DIY steps here.

6. Plastic Bottle Planters

Reuse 2-liter plastic bottles to create these animal face planters. The full project is here.

7. DIY Animal Face Can Planters

DIY Animal Face Can Planters

Recycle tuna cans to complete this fun project, allow your children to share their creativity in this project as well. Find it here.

8. DIY Face Pot

This one step pot is a cinch. Draw the expressions using a black sharpie marker and all done. We found the idea here.

9. Kitty Cat Planters

Kitty Cat Planters

If your obsession with cats is just irresistible, this soda bottle into kitty-cat planter is perfect for you. Find the DIY here.

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10. Egg Cup Planter

This DIY is one of the most adorable face planter projects. You can create a bunch of them easily, and that too in hours! Visit here.

11. Mini Face Planters

Mini Face Planters

Another obsessive egg cup planter idea for you to follow. The difficulty level of this project is negligible!

12. Egg Cup Face Planter

Egg Cup Face Planter

Surely the cutest face planter projects in this list! For this, you need an egg cup and this tutorial by HGTV.

13. Face Planter DIY

Face Planter DIY

Paint the face of panda or any animal on ceramic bowls to replicate this idea by Craft Berry Bush.

14. Family Flower Pot

Make flower pots that can resemble each person in your family to an extent! Find this creative idea at Momtastic.

15. Vinyl Face Succulent Planter

Vinyl Face Succulent Planter

Grow succulents in little face planter pots like these. The more of it is here.

16. Cute Face Planters

Face planters are all the rage on the internet and here is one more idea with terracotta pots to follow.

17. Mini Succulent Clay Pots

Create these decorative planters that you can use for almost any type of decoration. The tutorial is here.

18. Painted Kid Face Pots

Painted Kid Face Pots

Let your kids explore their imagination skills by creating these kid face pots! You can also ask them to paint the pots similar to their friends’ faces. See the directions here.

19. Face Planter Pot

As compared to all the face planter projects, this one is different. You need to carve a face on your planter to complete this idea. The directions are here.

20. Smiling Succulent Planters

Smiling Succulent Planters

Let these smiling planters fill your day with joy and make your mood refreshing! Get the directions here.

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