16 Terrific DIY Driftwood Projects For Home & Garden

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That driftwood you picked up from the shore can help you in decorating your home and garden. Learn about the 16 DIY Driftwood Projects in this post!

1. Succulent Planter

Learn how to fill driftwood with succulents. The tutorial is available here. Also, check out many more DIY succulent driftwood planter ideas in this post!

2. Driftwood Wreath

Driftwood Wreath

Make a rustic and loud beach wreath using driftwood, glue and beach ornaments! Take the inspiration from here.

3. Driftwood Planter

Driftwood Planter

Another driftwood succulent planter DIY to follow. It is appealing and long-lasting, use it as a centerpiece inside or outside. Here is the DIY.

4. Driftwood Airplant Terrarium

Driftwood Airplant Terrarium

Collect driftwood to recreate this intricate yet inexpensive air plant terrarium project. You will need beach logs, hanger, terrarium, air plants, and twine! See here how it is made.

5. DIY Nautical Decor

Craft a nautical decor for your home or garden with some seashore stones, twine, and driftwood, of course! Visit Sustain My Craft Habit to know more.

6. Driftwood Tree Ornament

Driftwood Tree Ornament

Make driftwood tree ornament for home decor. It is a nice idea if you are looking for something unique. Click here to get the instructions.

7. Christmas Tree

This rustic driftwood Christmas can be a nice statement piece at your front porch for holidays. Get everything in detail here.

8. Driftwood Shelf

Driftwood Shelf

Beautify your home with this floating shelf and display your favorite decor items on it. The tutorial is here.

9. Driftwood Candelabra

Why invest in commercial candlesticks or holders when you can create one easily in quick, easy steps? Add plants and other decoration; the tutorial is here.

10. DIY Driftwood

This tutorial available at DIY Driftwood provides the steps to make your own driftwood at home. It is a time-consuming procedure but definitely a brilliant one to try.

11. DIY Driftwood Necklace Holder

One of the best DIY driftwood projects, this necklace holder by DIY Huntress. If interested, follow these steps.

12. Driftwood ORB

Make this interesting decor object for your home at cheap cost. Nice idea if you love crafts out of driftwood. View the tutorial here.

13. Driftwood Hanger

From your driftwood collection, use some to create these weird-looking driftwood hangers. Get the tutorial here.

14. Driftwood Mirror

Case your mirror by gluing driftwood pieces with hot glue on borders. Here is the DIY.

15. Driftwood Birdhouse

Driftwood Birdhouse

Go whimsical by adding this spooky birdhouse in your garden, following this step-by-step tutorial.

16. Expensive Looking Driftwood Wreath

Create an expensive looking driftwood wreath in five simple steps available at the Sustain My Craft Habit!

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