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16 Magical DIY Glow In The Dark Ideas For The Garden

Check out our 16 magical DIY Glow in the Dark Ideas for your garden with the tutorials.

1. Glowing Rocks

Let your walkway glow at night using just a few rocks and glow in the dark paint. This DIY is one of the easiest projects to accomplish. Check more about it here!

2. Halloween Light Pods

This economical idea works great as a Halloween decoration or even for any festival. You don’t have to employ much time in making this since it’s easy and simple to understand. For more, check out the tutorial here!

3. Campfire Stools

Bring light to your camping adventures with these glow in the dark camping stools. You don’t need to use wood logs necessarily, use any plastic stools that have an ideal surface for the glow in the dark paint. Visit WikiHow to learn more!

4. Wrapped Luminaries

Create these DIY luminaries to lighten up your garden or pathway in an inexpensive manner. You can make this easy project using screen fabric, ounce jars, steel wires and some beginner tools. Get the detailed tutorial here!

5. Woven Basket Lighting Feature

Turn a clay pot, plastic pot or woven basket into outdoor lighting feature by following the step by step DIY tutorial available here!

6. Can Lantern

Recycle an old tin can to make a decorative glow in the dark lantern. Hang it in your garden or keep it inside, it looks astonishing everywhere. To know the how-to, click here.

7. Garden Lights

Upcycle the spare glass jars for this exciting DIY project. These cost-effective garden lights are easy to make, see the tutorial here.

8. Landscape Lighting

This 5-minute DIY can be made using just a pair of old glass shades and string lights. Indoors or outdoors, these glowing orbs can charm up the area. Here’s the detailed tutorial.

9. Glowing Pot

Transform basic plastic planters into illuminated planters using glow in the dark paints. You can complete this project in a few minutes without any difficulty. Click here for the video tutorial.

10. Rope Lights

Use rope lights in three different ways, following this easy tutorial to light up the pathways of your backyard!

11. Dark Stepping Stones

Make stepping stones that glow in the dark for your dark pathway. You don’t need electricity to do that, but a few steps shared in this tutorial here.

12. Illuminated Planters

Rejuvenate the look of your garden in the night by making illuminated planters. One of its kind of tutorial is here.

13. Glowing Planters

Create a planter that will glow up in the dark like magic. An easy to follow tutorial is available here.

14. Glowing Rocks

Create beautiful, magical, horrific looking monster glowing rocks following the tutorial at Crafts By Amanda!

15. Ghostly Stepping Stones

Personalize your pathway using these glowing stepping stones, which looks ghostly and enchanting in the dark. We found the idea at Wiki How.

16. Artistic Stepping Stones

Try this lovely DIY glow in the dark idea using a few concrete stepping stones and suitable stencil paint. Here’s the more of it.


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