21 Practical Time Saving Tips For Busy Gardeners

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With these time saving tips for the garden, you can enjoy your garden more without working hard.

1. Map it Out

 Practical Time Saving Tips For Busy Gardeners

You will need to create a plan of what needs to be done in the garden. If you go all in without knowing what to plant, how and where to do what, you will spend too much time glossing over the details.

2. Grow Plants with Similar Requirements Together

Group plants according to their requirements at the right location, plants that require full sun or shade must be planted carefully together. Plants that require moist soil must not be planted with the ones that have low watering needs.

3. Raise Vegetables in Bags

 Time Saving Tips For Busy Gardeners

Growing vegetables in planter bags is a great idea if you’re short of space and want to save money. Why? Well, planter bags are flexible, you can squeeze them in tight spaces (assuming you’ve got a limited space for gardening). Planter bags can be emptied out easily than containers and also they can be rolled up or down according to the planting depth of various crops, which means saving your time from filling up the soil in different containers. Learn more here!

4. Use Time-Based Fertilizers

Use time-based or slow release fertilizers in your garden. This way you don’t have to fertilize often during the growing season.

5. Select the Right Plants

Time Saving TipGrowing the right kind of plants can definitely save your time. Plants that are resistant to diseases don’t require pruning, regular watering and hardy in your climate are best. Also, remember not to grow plants with more watering needs away at hard to reach places in your garden.

6. Use Self-Watering Containers

Plants growing in containers need frequent watering but if you don’t find time to do that, use self-watering containers. Take a look at these 14 DIY self-watering container ideas!

7. Plant Everything Close to a Source of Water

 Time Saving Tips For Gardeners

That’s obvious! You don’t have to haul in hosepipes from the back of the house just because the garden is out front and the water source is back there. Introduce a tap right into the garden instead.

8. Have Tools Closer

If you can find a nice little corner of the garden in which you can stash all your gardening tools, then go for it. Those constant trips to the tool shed are not exactly the definition of time-saving.

9. Let your Crop Self-Seed

Grow self-seeding plants, that way you don’t need to do anything and they will come again and again every growing season. However, many self-seeding plants can be invasive, so choose wisely.

10. Avoid Plants that Require Different Growing Conditions

If you want to reduce the maintenance, plant more perennials and avoid plants that require different growing conditions and growing tender and exotic plants.

11. Do Mulching

Mulch prevents erosion and the evaporation of water. Straw, shredded leaves or any natural mulch will decompose, leaving plenty of humus all around. It’s entirely a winning strategy for you.

12. Keep it Simple

Sure, you are excited about gardening, but don’t go ham on all the possibilities. Start out slowly with a few plants you know about, this way you won’t waste too much time figuring things out.

13. Get your Staking Done Earlier

When your crop spreads all over the place, you waste lots of time putting it in a nice, tidy bundle. The key lies in staking plants long before they start to sprawl and tangle (a few months for tomatoes).

14. Look Around

Your neighbors will definitely grow some plants in their gardens, and you can borrow ideas from there. You could simply look at what they grow and maintain and then fashion it in a way that saves your time.

15. Put Pruning on Hold till Later in the Season

Wait until all the new growths have sprouted, when you prune evergreen plants like boxwood and yew, especially the perennials like boxwood. It is a nice way of making sure that you do not prune twice within the season. You will, however, need to time yourself; don’t wait too long to prune.

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16. Keep your Tools Clean, Sharp and Ready

Dull and broken tools waste more time than you can ever imagine. Always know when something needs repair or even replacement as a result of natural wear and tear processes.

17. Weed Things Out in a Wise Manner

The best time to weed is when the soil is moist as you will be able to pull stubborn stray plants out of the ground quite easily. If weeds are small and matted, turn the soil upside down using the good old shovel. Here’re a few good weeding tips you’d like to learn.

18. Hydrozone your Plants

Consider placing plants with the same watering needs in the same area. This way you know the precise amount of water required for each plant. This practice not only saves time but also helps in conserving the water.

19. Make a Scarecrow

You don’t have the time to sit in the garden and chase birds and critters away with a big stick. A scarecrow keeps your garden intact when you are gone. There are many DIY scarecrow tutorials available on the web to look at.

20. Avoid Having a Lawn

If you want to save time, avoid having a lawn as it needs maintenance. This tip is simple to follow.

21. Start your Plants Indoors

Don’t let the train pass you. Start seedlings on the porch or patio and wait for the time to come. When it does, you will be able to transplant an already flourishing crop. Keep the seedlings strong and well-aerated.

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With these time saving tips for the garden, you can enjoy your garden more without working hard.

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