8 DIY Duct Tape Uses in Garden

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A quite versatile product, you can use duct tape in a lot of ways. Here are some interesting Duct Tape Uses in Garden you should definitely try!

You might have used duct tapes in a lot of ways, from sticking things to wrapping up boxes. But do you know that you can use it in other ways too? Here are some amazing Duct Tape Uses in Garden!

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Interesting Duct Tape Uses in Garden

1. Garden Markers

Duct Tape Uses in Garden

Aluminum duct tapes can be great garden markers to let you know where you have grown your favorite herb or plant!

2. Duct Tape Knife Sheath Build

Tired of the same knife covers in the market? You can make one for yourself using a duct tape! For details, click here.

3. Duct Tape Flower Pen

Duct Tape Uses in Garden 2

This DIY from Instructables will guide you into making a gorgeous flower pen using colorful duct tapes!

4. Duct Tape Plant Holder

You can use both the duct and duck tape for this project. Wrap colorful duck tape sheets together to create beautiful plant holders.

5. Duct Tape Hammock

Duct Tape Uses in Garden 3

Yes! You read that right! A hammock made out of duct tape! Sounds impossible? It’s not. Find out all the details here.

6. Duct Tape Birdhouse

A roll of Duct tape, a milk carton, and cardboard is all you need to make a birdhouse and invite birds to your garden!

7. Duct Tape Swing

Using just a few supplies of duct tape and woodworks, you can make a swing in your garden on a tree. Details are here.

8. Duct Tape Fly Trap

Lanternflies and other insects can be a nuisance in the garden. You can use duct tape to make a cost-effective fly-trap! Watch the video here.

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