25 Home Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms

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Want to add a tropical touch to your home? Take a cue from these Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms.

Here are the best indoor palms you can grow

1. Palms with Plant Painting

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms

Having palms indoors will improve your air quality as well.

2. Parlor Palm in a Living Room

The slender and charming fronds of a parlor palm will look awesome in a living room.

3. An Urban Room

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 2

A dwarf potted palm is just perfect for a small urban apartment’s room.

4. Areca Palm Interior Decor

Add a touch of natural decor to your room by growing an areca palm.

5. Palm with Pots in Wall Hanging Frames

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 3

A potted palm will match perfectly with pots in hanging frames on the wall.

6. A Celadon Green Office

The fronds of palm are going to complement the rich shade of celadon green on the wall.

7. Palm by the Window

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 4

The diffused light from the window will make sure that your indoor palm thrives happily.

8. A Minimalist Room

A corner palm will match perfectly with a light-themed minimalistic room.

9. Palm by an Electric Fireplace

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 5

An indoor palm by an electric fireplace will elevate the look of a living room.

10. A Green Bathroom

Grow palm with other humidity loving plants in your bathroom for a natural look.

11. Areca Palm by the Home Office Desk

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 6

Include a palm right on your home office desk for relaxing vibes.

12. With a Modern Furniture

Pair palm with modern furniture to have a mix and match of nature and style.

13. Bookcase and Palm

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 7

Fill up the empty corner of your room with a wooden bookcase and potted palm.

14. Living Room Decor with Palm and Floor Light

Match other plants with palm and add a floor light for a glowing effect.

15. A Rustic Wall with Palm

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 8

The simple and rustic look of a wall matches just right with light green fronds of palm.

16. Monstera and Palm Combo

These two stylish houseplants will add a glamorous look to your room.

17. Grays and Green

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 9

The light and subtle shade of gray furniture will complement the light green fronds of palm.

18. The Dark Knight

A light black or dark gray wall will add just the right backdrop to a potted palm.

19. Light Shade Furniture with Kentia Palm

Décor Ideas with Indoor Palms 10

A light brown shade couch will pair perfectly with the shade of kentia palm.

20. Tall White Planters

The tall white planters will add a character to the room, matching with the slender long leaves of the palm.

21. Majestic Palm in a Dark Blue Container

The tall stance of the majestic palm matches well with a white themed room and blue planter.

22. Pony Tail Palm in a Modern Studio


The large size of a ponytail palm adds up to the look of a modern studio.

23. Palm in a Bathroom


A potted palm by the tub will bring in a lush tropical vibe while you take a relaxing bath.

24. Palm in a Reading Room

Having a potted plant in a living room is a simple way to add natural elements.

25. Dark Green Fronds in a Golden Pot

The tall and dark green fronds of a palm tree will look more beautiful in a shiny golden pot.

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