6 Different Types of Callisia Species You Can Grow

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Here are the Different Types of Callisia Species that offer vibrant foliage, which looks great in hanging baskets with its dangling fleshy stems!

The Callisia species are beautiful dangling plants from the Spiderwort family. Translated into beauty, the name in itself holds what the plant offers. To find out more about Different Types of Callisia, read on!

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Different Types of Callisia Species

1. Callisia Fragrans

Different Types of Callisia

Also famous as the basket plant, it is low maintenance with long beautiful leaves. It thrives in humidity and bright light makes its leaves take a bright shade of purple.

2. Callisia Repens


The creeping inch plant is native to Central & South America. It has tiny green leaves sprinkled with purple and also blooms little white flowers!

3. Callisia Gentlei

Different Types of Callisia 2

It is also famous as the Striped Inch Plant and looks quite like the wandering jew – the only difference being its leaves that are solid green. The plant also blooms white flowers.

4. Callisia Congesta ‘Dragon Tail’

The Dragon Tail is a beautiful Callisia with slightly ruffled and spiral leaves. It does best in bright sunlight, which also helps it to take a beautiful pink hue.

5. Callisia navicularis

Different Types of Callisia 3

Callisia navicularis or the chain plant has densely clustered, overlapping, lance-shaped leaves. Its foliage has a bronze hue above with a purple shade below. The plant also grows bright lilac-pink flowers.

6. Callisia Rosea

Callisia Rosea or Morning Grace is a beautiful plant that blooms pink-purple flowers with 3 petals. This plant thrives in shady areas and attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

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