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30 Beautiful Pictures of Maranta Houseplant on Instagram

Here are the most beautiful Pictures of Maranta Houseplant from Instagram that will surely tempt you to add it to your houseplant collection!

Prayer plant offers fantastic colors with patterns on its foliage that can add an instant appeal to the decor. Have a look at some awesome Pictures of Maranta Houseplant from Instagram and get inspired!

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Awesome Pictures of Maranta Houseplant from Instagram

1. Lemon Lime Maranta

2. Silver Feather Maranta

3. In a Face Shape Planter

4. By the Couch

5. Black Maranta

6. Maranta Kim

7. Kerchoveana Maranta

8. Maranta Kerchoveana Minima

9. Fascinator Maranta

10. Marisela Maranta

11. On a Stubby Wooden Stool

12. Green and Yellow!

13. On a Dining Table

14. On a Hanging Wooden Shelf

15. In a Modern White Planter

16. In a Macrame Planter

17. In a Little Wooden Plant Stand

18. With the Books!

19. In a Striped Pink Planter

20. With Calathea!

21. On a Work From Home Desk

22. In a Boho Hanging Planter

23. On a Metal Plant Stand

24. Hanging on a Wooden Plank Wall

25. On a Table with a Painting

26. On a Tall Wooden Stand

27. On a White Cabinet

28. With Paintings and Picture Frame

29. In a Ceramic Sky Blue Pot

30. Hanging with the Pictures!

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