9 Beautiful Types of Blue Agave Plants

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These Blue Agave Plants can be spectacular focal points in the garden! You can grow them in large containers, too!

Not all but most of the Blue Agave plants are not only popular for their role in tequila production, but they also look eye catchy, thanks to their silvery-blue leaves!

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Best Types of Blue Agave Plants

1. Weber Azul Agave

Types of Blue Agave Plants 1

Botanical Name: Agave tequilana var. ‘Weber Azul’

These blue gave plants are famous for the production of tequila, thanks to their high sugar content. It is also drought-tolerant and super easy to maintain.

2. Blue Glow Agave

Botanical Name: Agave ‘Blue Glow’

This one is a small and slow-growing variety known for its beautiful blue-green leaves with red or yellow margins. Its distinct coloration makes it stand out.

3. Agave Americana

Types of Blue Agave Plants 3

Botanical Name: Agave americana

Commonly known as the Century Plant, it has large, gray-green spiny leaves. As apparent from the picture above, it can grow to massive dimensions!

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4. Weber’s Blue Agave


Botanical Name: Agave tequilana F.A.C.Weber

With tall blue-gray leaves, it can be a focal point in the garden, thanks to its towering height. The leaves are slender and give it a unique appearance.

5. New Mexico Agave

Types of Blue Agave Plants 5

Botanical name: Agave neomexicana

It is a compact agave with spiny blue-gray foliage and a rosette shape. To make the hue richer, ensure it gets plenty of direct sunlight all day long.

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6. Whale’s Tongue Agave


Botanical name: Agave ovatifolia

With a bowl-like shape with broad, blue-green leaves, this is a cold-hardy and drought-tolerant variety that looks spectacular in gardens.

7. Parry’s Agave

Types of Blue Agave Plants 7

Botanical name: Agave parryi

This blue agave has strong terminal spines and is suitable for rock gardens. It does not require much water and grows well in full sun or partial shade.

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8. Cabbage Head Agave


Botanical Name: Agave parrasana

Native to Mexico, it is a medium-sized agave with pale blue-gray leaves. It forms a dense rosette and is adaptable to various soil types.

9. Verschaffelt Agave

Types of Blue Agave Plants 9

Botanical Name: Agave isthmensis

With its compact size and gray-blue foliage, the Verschaffelt Agave is suitable for smaller spaces and container gardening.

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