10 Creative and Trendy Container Garden Ideas You’ll Love To Follow

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Make your container garden interesting by applying a few of these trendy Container Gardening Ideas. Check out!

1. Create a Container Water Garden


That’s a trendy idea and perfect for those with a patio, large balcony, or rooftop garden. Making a container water garden is easy. A 15 to 25-gallon size container is suitable to start with. Read our post to learn more! HGTV.com has a tutorial on it, too.

2. Plant Shrubs

Camellia in a pot
Camellia in a pot

Annuals, vegetables, shade-loving, and low-growing plants are common among container gardeners, but not most people like to grow shrubs. However, growing them is easy too. A tall (dwarf varieties) shrub can change the look of your container garden. For help, just check out this list of the BEST SHRUBS for containers.

3. Use Recycled Containers

Steel Suitcase Planter
Steel Suitcase Planter

Using great-looking glazed ceramic pots is an old thing now and very common. What’s in trend is using recyclable items as a container. Any unusual and cool-looking item with space to fill soil can be a planter. A chair, shoes, utensils, tin cans, bottles, purses, dresser drawers, old bathtub, tires, galvanized containers, helmet, and even a car, yes! We’ve seen everything. Hubpages has a good article on it; must-see!

4. Invite Wildlife

Plants and bird feeders share space on this small balcony Image Credit: Vetsy's View
Plants and bird feeders share space on this small balcony
Image Credit: Vetsy’s View

Container gardeners can do that, too, by doing things that are loved by pollinators and birds. Birds & Blooms and Garden Design Magazine both have an article on how to start a hummingbird-friendly garden. Attracting bees and butterflies is also possible. You can use bird feeders and birdbaths too.

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5. Grow Edibles

Ficus carica (2)

Growing edibles in containers: Herbs, vegetables, and fruits is becoming popular. We posted a lot about it for your help. Learn about the best vegetables you can grow in containers in this article.

6. DIY a Mobile Container Garden

mobile container garden

In other words, a portable garden in a container that you can move here and there easily. Moving it in the sun or out of it according to the plants, providing the plants their required heat and warmth or, if it’s too hot, pushing them to a cool and shady spot. The HGTV.com and Houzz have an article on it.

7. Don’t Miss Hanging Baskets

tin can hanging planter

You can find cool-looking hanging baskets online and in stores or DIY a few; the web is full of creative ideas. We’ve also published a post on Offbeat Hanging Basket Ideas. See that too.

8. Try Thriller, Spiller, and Filler Technique

Arborvitae as thriller, pansies as spiller, and variegated English ivy as spiller.
Arborvitae as a Thriller, pansies as Filler, and variegated English ivy as a Spiller. Image Credit: Southern Living

In recent years, many gardening magazines and websites posted about this technique, and most container gardeners have tried it. It’s really a smart concept to follow. Check out our post on it here!

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9. Vertical Gardening is Great

vertical vegetable garden

From the last few years, vertical gardening ideas are in trend, and limited space gardeners want to learn about more creative ideas. If you have a balcony garden, take a look at these Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas.

10. Set Up a Miniature Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden in a bucket

If you’re good at DIYs and love doing creative things, setting up a miniature fairy garden is a cool idea and in trend. You can create it even in a broken pot.

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Make your container garden interesting by applying a few of these trendy Container Gardening Ideas. Check out!

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