62 Common Mushroom Names | List of Mushroom Types from A-Z

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Discover the diverse world of Common Mushroom Names, from enchanting to unique, and explore the fascinating world of fungal nomenclature.

Enter the fascinating realm of Common Mushroom Names, where you’ll encounter a delightful assortment of captivating and interesting labels.

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Common Mushroom Names 

1. Amethyst Deceiver

Common Mushroom Names 1

Season: Jul-Dec

First on the list of common mushroom names is prevalent lilac mushroom. Before cooking, simply remove the stem and don’t anticipate an abundance of flavor.

2. Aniseed Funnel / Blue-Green Funnel


Season: Aug-Nov

One can frequently discover a pale blue mushroom with a rippled edge in deciduous woods, which possesses a distinctive aniseed flavor that lends itself to its name.

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3. Autumn Chanterelle

Common Mushroom Names 2

Season: Sep-Nov

Another common mushroom names,  this one is characterized by its distinct gill ridges. This species is closely related to the renowned chanterelle.

4. Bay Bolete


Season: Aug-Nov

Found abundantly in mixed woodland, this mushroom showcases a light brown underside and a dark brown cap.

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5. Beefsteak Fungus / Ox’s Tongue

Common Mushroom Names 3

Season: Jul-Oct

With its wide cap and deep red-brown hue, this mushroom is commonly spotted on oak and chestnut trees. However, it doesn’t boast an extraordinary flavor worth raving about.

6. Blusher


Season: Jul-Nov

One of the common mushroom names, this one is edible but requires a specific cooking process. It must be parboiled and then cooked separately from the water.

7. Brown Birch Roughstalk / Brown Birch Bolete

Common Mushroom Names 4

Season: Jul-Oct

Although it tends to have a slightly slimy texture, this off-white mushroom with a walnut brown hue offers a delightful flavor.

8. Cauliflower Fungus


Season: Sep-Nov

Clean this large, pale cream-colored mushroom thoroughly to remove dirt and debris from its fronds. Frequently found around pines.

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9. Cep / Porcini / Penny Bun Bolete

Common Mushroom Names 5

Season: Jul-Nov

Frequently encountered in mixed woodland, this mushroom is highly sought-after due to its exceptional flavor and remarkable adaptability in various dishes.

10. Chanterelle / Girolle

Season: Jun-Nov

This mushroom is a common ingredient in cooking, praised for its outstanding flavor. It has unmistakable wavy yellow gills and stem.

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11. Charcoal Burner / Blue-Yellow Brittle Gill / Parrot Russula

Common Mushroom Names 6

Season: Jul-Nov

Next on the list of common mushroom names, this mushroom species is frequently observed in the vicinity of deciduous trees, adding to its commonality.

12. Chicken Of The Woods / Sulphur Polypore

Season: May-Sep

Visually captivating, it showcases abundant orange-yellow clusters with no discernible stem. You can commonly find this intriguing mushroom species on oak and yew trees.

13. Common Funnel

Common Mushroom Names 7

Season: Aug-Dec

Its cap displays an irregular shape and is slightly darker than the stem, adding to its distinctive appearance.

14. Common Puffball

Season: Jul-Oct

This mushroom earns its name from its domed cap, which gives it a puffed appearance. However, its weak flavor is the reason behind its limited renown.

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15. Crimson Waxcap

Common Mushroom Names 8

Season: Sep-Nov

Another common mushroom names, this one stands out thanks to its red, frilly cap resting upon a yellowy stem.

16. Cow Bolete / Bovine Bolete

Season: Sep-Dec

Commonly found near pine trees, this small mushroom exhibits a color resembling that of straw. As it matures, it gradually transitions to an olive hue.

17. Deceiver

Common Mushroom Names 9

Season: Aug-Nov

Often discovered in groups within the woodland, this mushroom displays a wavy tan appearance with a frilly cap.

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18. Deer Shield / Fawn Shield Cap

Season: Apr-Nov

This mushroom exhibits a tightly domed dark grey cap that gradually flattens and turns brown as it matures. It is commonly encountered on decaying wood.

19. Dryad’s Saddle

Common Mushroom Names 10

Season: May-Aug

Next on common mushroom names is Dryad’s Saddle. This mushroom has the potential to grow to a substantial size, characterized by a cap adorned with distinctive concentric ring.

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20. Fairy Ring Champignon


Season: May-Nov

With a light brown hue, these mushrooms feature bell-shaped caps that gradually flatten as they mature. The undersides are frilly in appearance.

21. Field Blewit / Blue Leg

Common Mushroom Names 11

Season: Sep-Dec

This mushroom exhibits a grey-brown color with paler edges and tends to be fairly large in size. It offers a good flavor, but it’s important to ensure thorough cooking.

22. Field Mushroom

Meadow Mushrooms

Season: Jul-Nov

Abundantly found in pasture land, this mushroom is characterized by its white color and deep brown fronds located beneath the cap.

23. Flesh-Brown Blewit

Common Mushroom Names 12

Season: Sep-Dec

Despite its somewhat morbid name, this mushroom is actually quite delightful when cooked (please refrain from consuming it raw!).

24. Giant Puffball


Season: Jul-Oct

Earning its name with merit, this mushroom can reach an impressive diameter of up to 80cm! It’s spherical shape and white color further exemplify its distinctive appearance.

25. Glistening Inkcap

Common Mushroom Names 13

Season: Apr-Oct

Another common mushroom names, these resemble small bells, and are commonly found on decaying wood. It is crucial to selectively pick and consume only those with white gills.

26. Great Wood Mushroom / Scaly Wood Mushroom


Season: Aug-Oct

This mushroom, commonly encountered in the wild, shares both flavor and characteristics akin to farmed mushrooms found on supermarket shelves.

27. Hen Of The Woods

Common Mushroom Names 14

Season: Aug-Nov

Grown at the bases of oak and beech trees, this mushroom forms a cluster of gray-brown caps with distinctive wavy edges supported by a central stem.

28. Honey Fungus / Boot-Lace Fungus


Season: Aug-Nov

This mushroom earns its name due to its honey-colored appearance and tends to grow in large clusters or bunches.

29. Jew’s Ear / Ear Fungus

Common Mushroom Names 15

Season: All year

This mushroom, despite its antiquated name and relatively mild flavor, is extensively utilized in Asian cuisine for its unique texture.

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30. Larch Bolete


Season: Aug-Nov

Next on the list of common mushroom names, this one showcases a yellow cap with irregular angling, accompanied by a slightly paler stem.

31. Matt Bolete

Common Mushroom Names 16

Season: Jul-Nov

Commonly found in deciduous woods, this bolete mushroom displays a yellow hue adorned with tiny red dots.

32. Meadow Puffball


Season: Jul-Nov

Before cooking, it is essential to carefully inspect this mushroom, as a consistent white color indicates its suitability for consumption. .

33. Meadow Waxcap / Buff Meadow Cap

Common Mushroom Names 17

Season: Sep-Nov

This mushroom possesses a mild flavor that improves with extended cooking. It is characterized by its small size, apricot coloration, and distinct ridges beneath the cap.

34. Morel


Season: Apr-Jun

Another common mushroom names, culinary enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize this highly sought-after and delectable mushroom, celebrated by chefs worldwide.

35. Mosaic Puffball

Common Mushroom Names 18

Season: Jun-Nov

Similar to the meadow puffball, it is crucial to inspect this mushroom for consistent white coloration throughout, discarding it if absent.

36. Oak Bolete

Season: Aug-Oct

This bolete mushroom features a cap with variable colors, often displaying a lemon-yellow hue. Although rare, it can be found near oak trees.

37. Ochre Brittle Gill / Common Yellow Brittle Gill

Common Mushroom Names 19

Season: Aug-Nov

As this mushroom matures, its cap gradually flattens and develops a lower center. Sporting a pale cream color, it carries a bitterness that can be mitigated by parboiling.

38. Orange Birch Roughstalk

Season: Jul-Nov

Next on the list of common mushroom names, this large mushroom exhibits a dome-shaped cap that may feature scales.

39. Orange Peel Fungus

Common Mushroom Names 20

Season: Jun-Oct

Boasting an unusual shape reminiscent of orange peel, this mushroom stands out with its vibrant orange coloration. It thrives on earth or grass.

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40. Oyster Mushroom


Season: All year

This mushroom is widely utilized in Asian cuisine and is recognized for its typically wavy cap and variable coloration.

41. Parasol Mushroom

Common Mushroom Names 21

Season: Jul-Oct

Renowned for its exceptional flavor, this mushroom, characterized by its unique egg-shaped cap that unfurls into a parasol shape.

42. Pestle Puffball


Season: Aug-Nov

Initially appearing white and gradually darkening with age, this mushroom showcases a minimal width difference between its cap and stem.

43. Red Cracking Bolete

Common Mushroom Names 22

Season: Aug-Nov

Another common mushroom names, this brown bolete mushroom features a yellow stem. Despite its common occurrence, it is not particularly appetizing.

44. Saffron Milkcap / Red Cracking Bolete


Season: Aug-Oct

Exercise caution when using this mushroom in dishes, as it has a vibrant orange hue that can be quite intense. Its saffron-like coloration is what lends it its name.

45. Scarlet Waxcap

Common Mushroom Names 23

Season: Sep-Nov

Although it may not appear immediately appetizing due to its bright red, bell-shaped appearance, this mushroom is indeed edible.

46. Shaggy Inkcap / Lawyer’s Wig

Season: Aug-Nov

This mushroom stands tall, showcasing a white coloration that gradually transforms into black as it ages. It is exclusively edible when it maintains its white hue.

47. Shaggy Parasol

Common Mushroom Names 24

Season: Jun-Oct

As it matures, this mushroom undergoes a transformation from an egg-shaped cap to a parasol shape. It is primarily white in color, adorned with mottling on the cap.

48. Slender Parasol


Season: Aug-Nov

True to its name, this common mushroom name variety boasts a taller and slimmer stature compared to others. Its cap is notably flatter as well.

49. Slippery Jack

Common Mushroom Names 25

Season: Sep-Nov

This captivatingly named mushroom exhibits a slimy texture when wet yet retains a shiny appearance when dry. It features a chestnut-colored cap and a yellow stem.

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50. Snowy Waxcap


Season: Sep-Nov

One of the common mushroom names, it is characterized by its small size, white coloration, and frond-like structures underneath the cap.

51. St George’s Mushroom

Common Mushroom Names 26

Season: Apr-Jun

The origin of the association between St. George and this mushroom remains uncertain, but its white cap with a slightly wavy rim is notably distinctive.

52. Stump Puffball


Season: Jul-Nov

Belonging to the puffball family, this mushroom is of smaller size. It features a white, spherical cap and a short stem, and it is highly prevalent on decaying wood.

53. Terracotta Wood Urchin / Terracotta Hedgehog

Common Mushroom Names 27

Season: Jul-Nov

This mushroom is aptly named after its orange-brown cap, which is a defining characteristic. What sets it apart further are the spines beneath the cap.

54. The Miller


Season: Jul-Nov

Next on the list of common mushroom names, this small yet delectable mushroom displays a pale grey coloration and features an off-center stem.

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55. The Prince

Common Mushroom Names 28

Season: Aug-Oct

This mushroom boasts a considerable size, characterized by a yellow-brown cap adorned with scales. Its tall stem also exhibits a slight scaliness.

56. Trooping Funnel


Season: Sep-Nov

This mushroom showcases a dome-shaped cap that gradually flattens as it matures, eventually resulting in upward-pointing edges resembling a funnel.

57. Two-Toned Scalehead / Sheathed Woodtuft / Velvet Toughshank

Common Mushroom Names 29

Season: May-Dec

Growing in large clusters, this mushroom features a bell-shaped cap that later flattens out. Its ochre coloration is accentuated by orange hues.

58. Velvet Shank

Season: Sep-Mar

Another common mushroom names, it is easily recognized by its sticky texture and vibrant orange color that gradually transitions to white.

59. Velvet Shield

Common Mushroom Names 30

Season: Aug-Nov

Featuring a brown cap with distinct ridges, this mushroom initially presents as a shallow dome and eventually flattens as it matures.

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60. Wood Blewit

Edible mushrooms with excellent taste, Lepista nuda

Season: Sep-Dec

This mushroom displays a unique coloration, combining shades of brown with hints of purple. It offers a delightful flavor.

61. Wood Mushroom

Common Mushroom Names 31

Season: Aug-Nov

Occasionally spotted in mixed woodland, this mushroom shares both the taste and characteristics of the mushrooms commonly found in supermarkets.

62. Wood Urchin / Pied De Mouton / Wood Hedgehog

Season: Jul-Nov

Last on the list of common mushroom names, this mushroom exhibits a striking color palette that includes shades of pink and orange.

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