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Harvesting Coffee

Harvesting coffee is a tedious method, there are some steps that are followed to get the best quality beans.

There are three basic ways for harvesting coffee.

The Mechanical Method


Mechanical method facilitate the expedite collection of coffee beans on a massive scale, but it has many drawbacks. First, it contributes to damaging of crop and plants and therefore it increases their susceptibility to diseases. In this method, the branches are shacked by machine .This way ripe fruits fall to the ground or net and then collected.


Stripping is one of the popular ways of manual harvesting of coffee. All berries are swept indiscriminately from the bush, then sieved and sorted and processed further.

Hand Picking

Hand Picking is the most time consuming and laborious method of harvesting, because the harvest is done exclusively by hand. It involves the selection and harvesting of only ripe berries of the coffee plant. With this method the quality of the collection of fruits are of course excellent, which involves very high costs.

When the harvest has been completed followed by sorting. Beans are separated from the pulp and all protective skins and coat are removed using two methods: Dry and Wet.


Dry method

Dry shelling is cheapest: the berries are laid out to dry in the sun then a special machine retrieves the desiccated husk, pulp and parchment off. Only the seeds or coffee beans remain. This way of processing has an impact on the final coffee flavor. Dry or “natural” processed coffee has a direct, rather sharp flavor. This fairly cheap way of shelling is only possible in areas with dry climates.

Wet method

Selectively picked coffee berries are washed in large vats to wash away the immature or bad berries, then the berries are soaked further to remove leftover pulp. After thoroughly washing and drying out in the sun or by machine, we get the best quality coffee beans with finest aroma and flavor. This is the best method employed to get premium quality beans.

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