10 Best Types of Christmas Cactus Varieties

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This holiday season, grow these stunning Types of Christmas Cactus Varieties in your home to add a festive allure!

Different Types of Christmas Cactus Varieties come with flowers ranging from vibrant reds to delicate pinks, each variety with its unique charm and beauty. Contrary to their desert cousins, these succulents thrive in cooler temperatures and are the quintessence of the festive season!

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Types of Christmas Cactus Varieties

1. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Christmas Fantasy’

Types of Christmas Cactus Varieties 1

This variety has colorful flowers, often featuring a combination of red, white, and pink tones.

2. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘White Christmas’

As the name suggests, this variety showcases pure white flowers, creating an elegant and classic holiday display.

3. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Purple Moon’

Purple Moon features deep purple blooms, providing a rich and dramatic option for holiday decor.

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4. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Candy Cane’

Candy Cane Christmas cacti has red and white or bi-color flowers with stripes – this attribute makes it resemble a candy cane.

5. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Sunset Dancer’

Types of Christmas Cactus Varieties 5

Sunset varieties typically have warm and vibrant flower colors, creating a beautiful and inviting holiday atmosphere.

6. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Twilight’

Twilight Christmas cacti features a combination of soft, pastel-colored flowers, adding a subtle and charming touch to your holiday setting.

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7. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Peach Parfait’

Types of Christmas Cactus Varieties 7

This variety is popular for its delicate peach-color flowers, offering a warm and inviting holiday display.

8. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Golden Charm’


Golden Charm Christmas cacti features yellow or golden-tone flowers, adding a unique and cheerful touch to your holiday decor.

9. Schlumbergera buckleyi ‘Snow White’

Snow White varieties have pure white flowers, evoking a sense of purity and elegance in your holiday setting.

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10. Schlumbergera buckleyi  ‘Thor Carmen’

This cultivar has striking salmon-colored flowers and slightly more compact growth, making it perfect for tabletop decoration!

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