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Carrot Companion Planting | Companion plants for Carrots

Learn about the companion plants for carrots. Carrot companion planting plays a helpful role in the growth of carrots.

If planted together, carrot companion plants help in improving taste, attracting beneficial insects (pollinators) or repelling pests away. In addition, the use of such plants in combination allows a rational use of space in the garden and decrease the use of pesticides.

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Carrot Companion Planting

Here are some plants that are advantageous to grow together (on adjacent rows or alternately in the same) with carrots to stimulate its growth: You can grow beans, peas and other legumes with carrots. Salad greens, bokchoi, lettuce or the plants that belong to cabbage family are good companion plants for carrots.

Sowing radish seeds together with carrot seeds is good for carrot’s growth. Radishes germinate quickly and help in germination of carrots. Also, they are harvested earlier than carrots and when rooted out, they make room for carrots to grow.

Tomatoes can be planted with carrots. Chives, onion, leek and garlic are good companion plants too, they also keep the pests like carrot flies away.

In herbs, you can grow sage, parsley and rosemary with carrots.


Plants like dill, cilantro and parsnip should be avoided in carrot companion planting.


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