Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon | Is Cinnamon Safe for Dogs

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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon? Is it safe to include it in their treats? What could be the right way to give it to them? Let’s find out!

Do you love to sprinkle cinnamon on your oatmeal or bake it into a warm, delicious apple pie? If you’re a dog owner, you might be wondering if your furry friend can enjoy this spice, too. So, Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon? Let’s find out!

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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon? Is Cinnamon Safe for Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

The good news is that- cinnamon won’t harm your dogs! Don’t just take our word for it; even the ASPCA confirms it’s safe for dogs, cats, and horses.

But hold on a second; while a sprinkle of cinnamon can be beneficial for your pup, too much of a good thing can lead to some health hiccups. So, let’s discuss the perks of this spice and how to keep it pup-friendly!

Benefits of Cinnamon for Dogs

Attention all pet lovers! Did you know that cinnamon is a secret weapon in managing your furry friend’s health? Here are six fantastic benefits that your dog can enjoy from this spice:

1. Keep Diabetes at Bay

Cinnamon regulates blood sugar levels and increases insulin resistance, making it perfect for pups prone to diabetes and weight issues.

2. Fights off the Bad Stuff

This anti-fungal powerhouse can knock out pesky yeast infections and fight viruses and bacteria, including those pesky ones like salmonella and listeria.

3. Relief for Achy Pups

With its anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon is a natural remedy to soothe the discomfort and pain associated with arthritis in aging dogs.

4. Say Goodbye to Digestive Discomfort

Got a pup with a sensitive tummy? Cinnamon can work wonders in alleviating digestive issues, including gas, vomiting, heartburn, and nausea.

5. Give your Dog a Boost

Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants that can help protect your pup’s body from damage caused by pollution, fumes, smoke, sun exposure, and inflammation.

6. Keep that Heart Healthy

According to the Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, cinnamon can also improve heart health. By including it in your dog’s daily diet, they may enjoy lower blood pressure and a more stable heart rate.

So go ahead, sprinkle some cinnamon on your dog’s food, and watch them reap the benefits!

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Daily Recommended Dosage of Cinnamon

Check out the daily dosage according to the weight of your dog:

  • 1-5 kg: 1/8 teaspoon or a small pinch 
  • 5-9 kg: 1/4 to 1/8 teaspoon
  • 9-23 kg: 1/4 to 1 teaspoon
  • 23-45 kg: 1-2 teaspoons
  • Over 45 kg: 2 teaspoons – 1 tablespoon

It is best to start your dog off with the recommended dosage slowly. Then, increase the amount only over 1-3 weeks until the proper dosage is reached according to the dog’s weight.

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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon or Nutmeg?

We know how much you love to treat your pups with seasonal delights, but hold up before you spice up their snacks with nutmeg. While it’s a yummy addition to winter and fall favorites like sweet potatoes, eggnog, and pumpkin pie, it’s easy to confuse with cinnamon.

But here’s the catch: Nutmeg contains a toxin called myristicin that can be seriously harmful to dogs, even in moderate amounts. Keep your pups safe and stick to pup-friendly treats!

Harmful Effects of Cinnamon on Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon 2

We know how tempting it is to shower your furry friend with all the cinnamon goodness, but did you know that too much cinnamon can do more harm than good? Here’s what you need to watch out for:

  • An upset tummy: While a sprinkle of cinnamon can soothe digestive issues, too much can cause stomach trouble for your pup.
  • Liver damage: Prolonged intake of large amounts of cinnamon can lead to liver damage in dogs.
  • Irritation in the mouth: Cinnamon sticks may seem like a fun chew toy, but they can cause irritation in your pup’s mouth.
  • Breathing difficulties: Inhaling powdered cinnamon in large amounts can lead to coughing, choking, and breathing difficulties in dogs.

So, when it comes to cinnamon, remember to keep it in moderation. Mix the powder well into your dog’s meals, and limit their intake to no more than a small spoon per day. That way, your furry best friend can enjoy the many benefits of cinnamon safely and without any unpleasant side effects.

Alternatives for Dogs Allergic to Cinnamon

If your pet cannot consume cinnamon due to some allergies and reactions, you can be thinking about how else you can boost their nutrient intake. Here is a list of other spices and herbs that are safe for dogs:

Make sure you give them these in moderate quantities, not more than once a week.

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