Can Dogs Eat Olives? Are Olives Bad for Dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Olives? Are Olives Safe for Dogs? Learn more about what harm can this fruit cause, and should you include it in your dog’s diet!

Olives are rich in nutrients and good for overall health. They are mostly seen with martinis and in salads. But are olives good for dogs? Let’s find out!

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

The simple answer to that question is, “Yes, dogs can eat olives.” Olives do not contain any toxins that’ll harm dogs. In fact, the nutrients present in olives make them a healthy snack for your pups. So giving plain olives to your dogs every now and then won’t cause any trouble. But just because something isn’t toxic doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful. Want to know more? Continue reading.

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Are Olives Bad for Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Olives? Are Olives Bad for Dogs?

As you read above, including plain olives in a dog’s diet once in a while won’t cause any harm. It’s fine to give olives as a snack occasionally, but the problem arises when you consider olive a substitute for a meal or give it in large quantities.

Apart from the fact that olives do not come under the natural dog diet, they also contain excess calorie. These calories can make your dog gain extra pounds and are are not suitable for overall health. Olive pits can also pose a problem for dogs by causing obstruction or chocking.  Blockage in airways and intestinal tracts is also something you have to be on a lookout for.

Best Way To Give Olives

Can dogs eat olive

Now, as you know olives in moderate quantity are not harmful to dogs. Learn about the best way to give olives: Always remove the olive seeds, also called pitted olives before offering them to dogs. Beware of the canned and pickled olives as excess salt or sodium content in them can be unhealthy for dogs. Overconsumption of canned and pickled olives can lead to dehydration and even toxicity.

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Seasoned olives or olives coated in garlic and other oils should not be included in dog’s diet too. As apart from the added calorie, these adulterations can upset the dog’s stomach. As olives go well with liquid beverages, especially martini, keep such olives away from dogs. Consumption of olives soaked in alcohol is toxic for dogs.

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NOTE: In case of overconsumption, contact your veterinarian.

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