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If you’re a gardener or a landscaper, must learn about these amazing Bougainvillea Uses and be enthralled!

Bougainvilleas are among the most popular ornamental shrubs in tropical, subtropical, coastal, and the Mediterranean climates around the world. They are landscapers’ favorite, and why not?

  • It’s an everblooming perennial that bears flowers in colors like pink, red, rose, magenta, yellow, white, and orange.
  • Moreover, new cultivars are coming with variegated foliage and a combination of two-three flower colors.
  • Bougainvilleas are available in shrub form, semi-dwarf and dwarf cultivars for containers and flower beds.
  • There are climbing varieties that can cover your ugly walls and entrance beautifully. And, if you’re about thorns, there’re thornless species too.
  • They are extremely low maintenance, celebrate heat, and tolerate scarcity of water.

1. Grow bougainvillea in flower beds

If you're a gardener or a landscaper, must learn about these amazing Bougainvillea Uses. You can grow this beautiful shrub or climber without the maintenance.

If you live in a hot climate, for a year-round look, low maintenance, and colors–Create a bougainvillea flower bed. It’s rewarding, especially, if you’re a busy person.

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2. Grow bougainvillea in a pot

If you're a gardener or a landscaper, must learn about these amazing Bougainvillea Uses and be enthralled!

Whether you live in a hot climate or cold climate, bougainvillea is the best container plant. It loves being root bound, keep it in full sun and water moderately to keep it on a drier side.

3. For the best garden border

Plant bougainvilleas to make your garden border more exciting and colorful.

4. Best entrance shrub

Plant them in containers on your entrance door or grow them in a plant bed with other arid climate plants.

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5. Train them as a climber

You can even grow a climbing variety in your balcony or rooftop in a large pot and support it with a sturdy trellis.

6. One of the best pergola plants

Bougainvillea is undoubtedly one of the best pergola plants. We even added it to our list here.

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7. Bougainvillea Topiary

Bougainvilleas make fantastic topiaries. You can shape them easily as they’re fast growing and supple, when young.

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8. Beautiful Bonsai Specimen

This fast-growing shrub is one of the best bonsai trees. Many more are here!

9. Create a Bougainvillea Container Garden

Landscaping with Bougainvilleas

Grow different color species of bougainvilleas in your container garden or dedicate a space to them.

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10. Grow them in Hanging Baskets

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If everything else in this list of bougainvillea uses for landscapers and gardeners is not enough, you can also grow this amazing ornamental plant in hanging baskets.

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