6 Tallest Jade Plant Varieties

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Some types of jade plants can grow really tall, becoming a focal point in gardens or homes. The classic jade plant, if taken care of, can reach an impressive height of 5-7 feet and look like a tree. Other varieties, like Hummel’s Sunset, Gollum, Pink Beauty, Silver Dollar, and Monstruosa, also have unique features and can grow to different heights, adding variety to your collection.

These tallest jade plant varieties can achieve towering heights, which can make them a focal point in gardens and homes!

These tallest jade plant varieties can grow really tall if you live take care of them in a right manner along with some pruning and support!

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Tallest Jade Plant Varieties

1. Classic Jade Plant

Tallest Jade Plant Varieties

The beloved crassula ovata can achieve an impressive height of 5-7 feet if you will take care of it in a good way! It also gets this tree-like look, too!

2. Hummel’s Sunset

tallest varieties of jade plants

This variety is a slow grower but can achieve a height of 3-5 feet over time. Keep it in plenty of sunlight for that signature red and orange tint on the leaves.

3. Gollum

Most Towering Types of Jade Plants

It may sound like it is straight out of some Hollywood flick, and it has a height to match, too! Growing up to 4-6 feet tall, this one is a star!

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4. Pink Beauty Jade

Largest Types of Jade Plants

This variety is famous for its pink-tinged leaves! When it comes to height, you can accept it to reach the 4-5 feet mark without any trouble.

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5. Silver Dollar Jade

tallest varieties of jade plants 1

This jade plant is a must-have, thanks to the silver sheen on the foliage. Given a good amount of time (read years!), it can reach a height of 3-4 feet.

6. Monstruosa

Tallest Jade Plant Varieties 1

If you sensed the word ‘monstrous’ in its name, well, it is for a reason, as its dimensions can be like that! This jade can easily touch the 5-6 feet mark in some years.

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