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10 Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies

Do you know about Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies? Our exclusive list will surely surprise you!

Here are some extraordinary Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies! Their colors and patterns will surely blow your mind!

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Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies

1. Luna Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies

Zoological Name: Actias iuna

This moth has lime-green wings and a white body. It looks beautiful with eyespots on the hind wings, which are scalloped and have beautiful long tails.

The Luna moth is very common in the United States and Mexico.

2. Diva Moth


Zoological Name:  Hemerophila diva

The Diva moth is from the family of Choreutidae and was discovered by Riley in 1889. It has brilliant purple, blue and light orange hues, which make it stand out in sunlight. Tops of their forewings are curved yellow-brown with spots resembling a dead leaf.

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3. Madagascan Sunset Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 2

Zoological Name: Chrysiridia rhipheus

This moth has a close resemblance to a butterfly, making it hard to differentiate. As the name suggests, it is only found in Madagascar and has a wingspan of between 4 and 6 inches.

It is also popular as the sunset moth because of the color patches near the bottom of the hind wings.

4. Milionia Moth


Zoological Name: Milionia

These beautiful moths have wingspans between 2 and 4 inches, with a deep blue and yellow hue. Discovered by Francis Walker in 1854, these day-flying moths have wings that usually have a black base with patches of vivid red, blue, yellow, and orange.

5. Spanish Moon Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 3

Zoological Name: Graellsia iisabellae

The Spanish moon moth belongs to the silk moth family Saturniidae and was first discovered by Mariano de la Paz in 1849.

Native to Spain and France, their wings are outlined with dark brown filled with reddish-brown, which makes them look like shards of stained glass.

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6. White Witch Moth


Zoological Name: Thysania agrippina

Popular for its wide wing span, the White Witch moth gives tough competition to several other moths when it comes to size.

It has creamy white to light brown wings, with black and brown lines running across in a zig-zag pattern.

7. Crimson Speckled Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 6

Zoological Name: Utetheisa pulchella

This moth is native to the Mediterranean and North Africa, typically arriving with plumes of warm air during the summer or autumn.

It has a candy-colored appearance when its wings are folded, and its narrow forewings are white with red and black polka dots.

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8. Argent and Sable Moth


Zoological Name: Rheumaptera hastata

Argent and Sable is a day-flying moth from the Geometridae family and has distinctive black and white colors. It is found on mountains, high limestone grassland, and lowland heaths and mosses.

9. Atlas Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 12

Zoological Name: Attacus atlas

The Atlas is common to the forests of Asia and was first discovered by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. It is one of the largest moths, only second to the white witch.

Although it has a small body, its beautiful big wings, with patterns of black, white, pink, and purple make it stand out.

10. Giant Leopard Moth


Zoological Name: Hypercompe scribonia

Popular for its leopard-like print, this beauty is also known as the eyed tiger. The adult moth has a body length of 2 inches and a wingspan of up to 3 inches; it is considered among large-sized moths.

These are mostly found in woodlands, farmlands, and gardens across America.

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