28 Cute Moths that Are as Beautiful as Butterflies

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Do you know about these Cute Moths that Are as Beautiful as Butterflies? Our exclusive list will surely surprise you!

Here are some extraordinary Cute Moths that Are as Beautiful as Butterflies! These cute moth pictures of moths that look like butterflies will surely blow your mind!

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Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies

1. Luna Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies

Zoological Name: Actias iuna

First among cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies is the Luna. The Luna moth is very common in the United States and Mexico. This cute luna moth has lime-green wings and a white body. It looks beautiful with eyespots on the hind wings, which are scalloped and have beautiful long tails.

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2. Diva Moth


Zoological Name:  Hemerophila diva

The Diva moth is from the family of Choreutidae and was discovered by Riley in 1889. It has brilliant purple, blue, and light orange hues, which make it stand out in sunlight. Tops of their forewings are curved yellow-brown with spots resembling a dead leaf.

3. Madagascan Sunset Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 2

Zoological Name: Chrysiridia rhipheus

Looking for beautiful types of moths? This moth has a close resemblance to a butterfly, making it hard to differentiate. As the name suggests, it is only found in Madagascar and has a wingspan of between 4 and 6 inches.

4. Milionia Moth


Zoological Name: Milionia

Another of the cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies, these beautiful moths have wingspans between 2 and 4 inches, with a deep blue and yellow hue. Discovered by Francis Walker in 1854, these day-flying moths have wings that usually have a black base with patches of vivid red, blue, yellow, and orange.

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5. Spanish Moon Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 3

Zoological Name: Graellsia iisabellae

The Spanish moon moth belongs to the silk moth family Saturniidae and was first discovered by Mariano de la Paz in 1849. Native to Spain and France, their wings are outlined with dark brown filled with reddish-brown, which makes them cute silk moth.

6. White Witch Moth


Zoological Name: Thysania agrippina

Popular for its wide wing span, the White Witch moth gives tough competition to several other cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies. It has a creamy white to light brown wings, with black and brown lines running across in a zig-zag pattern.

7. Crimson Speckled Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 6

Zoological Name: Utetheisa pulchella

This is a cute moth species native to the Mediterranean and North Africa and is cherished among moths that look like butterflies. It has a candy-colored appearance when its wings are folded, and its narrow forewings are white with red and black polka dots.

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8. Argent and Sable Moth


Zoological Name: Rheumaptera hastata

Argent and Sable is a day-flying moth from the Geometridae family and has distinctive black and white colors. It is found on mountains, high limestone grassland, and lowland heaths and mosses.

9. Atlas Moth

Cute Moths that are as Beautiful as Butterflies 12

Zoological Name: Attacus atlas

The Atlas is common to the forests of Asia and was first discovered by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. Although it has a small body, its beautiful big wings, with patterns of black, white, pink, and purple, make it stand out among colorful beautiful moths.

10. Giant Leopard Moth


Zoological Name: Hypercompe scribonia

Popular for its leopard-like print, this beauty is also known as the eyed tiger. The adult moth has a body length of 2 inches and a wingspan of up to 3 inches; it is considered the best among cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies.

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11. Rosy Maple Moth

Zoological Name: Dryocampa rubicunda

Looking for moth cute? The Rosy Maple Moth is a cute fluffy moth resembling a delicate cotton ball with its adorable pink and yellow wings. It’s a small moth, about the size of a thumbnail, and its adorable features make it a favorite subject for cute moth drawings.

12. Cecropia Moth

Zoological Name: Hyalophora cecropia

The majestic Cecropia Moth is one of the most beautiful and largest moths in North America. With its breathtaking size and stunning colors, it is often regarded as one of the most beautiful moths in the world.

13. Io Moth

Zoological Name: Automeris io

The Io Moth displays a cute moth face with vibrant green and yellow wings. Their charming appearance and unique eyespots make them adorable and distinctive cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies.

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14. Polyphemus Moth

Zoological Name: Antheraea polyphemus

The Polyphemus Moth is a fuzzy cute moth and a silk moth with a wingspan of up to six inches. Its soft and earthy tones create a beautiful and captivating sight, earning it a place among the most beautiful moths.

15. Buck Moth

Zoological Name: Hemileuca maia

Want more of the the cutest moth in the world? The Buck Moth is a petite moth species that exhibits a mix of cream, reddish-brown, and black colors on its wings. Its compact size and charming appearance make the Buck Moth cute.

16. Promethea Moth

Zoological Name: Callosamia promethea

The Promethea Moth is known for its elegant beauty, boasting delicate wings adorned with soft browns and purples. Its refined features and graceful demeanor earn it the title of one of the prettiest moths in existence.

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17. White-lined Sphinx Moth

Zoological Name: Hyles lineata

The White-lined Sphinx Moth is a captivating creature that resembles a tiny hummingbird, making it both beautiful and adorable. With its brown and white colors and cute moth face, it’s no wonder it’s often mistaken for a butterfly.

18. Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

Zoological Name: Hemaris thysbe

The Hummingbird Clearwing Moth is an adorable moth that mimics a hummingbird. With its transparent wings and fuzzy body, it creates a dreamlike appearance. Its ability to hover near flowers, like a hummingbird, adds to its charm.

19. Rosy Underwing Moth

Zoological Name: Catocala electa

The Rosy Underwing Moth features exquisite gray and pink hues on its wings, resembling delicate rose petals. Its modest size and captivating beauty make it one of the cutest moths to grace the natural world.

20. Pandora Sphinx Moth


Zoological Name: Eumorpha pandorus

The Pandora Sphinx Moth is a colorful and adorable moth species with wings that showcase vibrant shades of green, brown, and pink. They’re considered cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies due to their dragonfly-like appearance and striking patterns.

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21. White-spotted Sable Moth

Zoological Name: Anania funebris

The White-spotted Sable Moth presents an alluring and cute white moth with dark wings adorned with white spots. Its elegant charm and graceful flight make it one of the most beautiful and adorable moths in its species.

22. Royal Walnut Moth

Zoological Name: Citheronia regalis

The Royal Walnut Moth is a majestic and beautiful moth with a large size and intricate patterns. Its wings feature a rich combination of brown and cream, resembling an intricate work of art.

23. Tiger Moth

Zoological Name: Apantesis

The Tiger Moth showcases a bold and striking appearance with its vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns. It’s distinct markings, and vibrant colors make it one of the top ones on our list of cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies.

24. Ailanthus Webworm Moth

Zoological Name: Atteva aurea

The Ailanthus Webworm Moth showcases delicate and captivating beauty with its wings. Its petite size adds to its cuteness, making it one of the most beautiful moth species to observe.

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25. Grape Leaffolder Moth

Zoological Name: Desmia funerals

The Grape Leaffolder Moth displays an intriguing combination of colors, including brown, orange, and cream tones on its wings. Its patterns and dainty size make it look like a tiny work of art.

26. Ceanothus Silk Moth

Zoological Name: Hyalophora euryalus

The Ceanothus Silk Moth enchants with its ethereal beauty and soft blend of cream and light brown shades on its wings. Resembling delicate silk, this adorable moth captivates with its subtle elegance and graceful flight.

27. Leopard Moth

Zoological Name: Zeuzera pyrina

The Leopard Moth captures attention with its unique wings that showcase striking patterns of black and white spots, adding to its cuteness and beauty. Its eye-catching design makes it an alluring and beautiful moth species on our cute moths that are as beautiful as butterflies list.

28. Clymene Moth

Zoological Name: Haploa clymene

The Clymene Moth showcases captivating beauty with its wings adorned in a combination of black, white, and vibrant orange hues. Its subtle elegance and graceful flight make it one of the most enchanting moths in nature.

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