Best Types of Indoor Plants for the Year 2022

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Get ready for the coming year and discover the 8 Best Types of Indoor Plants for the Year 2022 according to the latest trends and predictions!

Do you know what will be the best houseplant specimens this year? To help you follow the trend, here are the Best Types of Indoor Plants for the Year 2022!

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Best Indoor Plants for the Year 2022

1. Climbing Houseplants

Best Indoor Plants for the Year 2022

Climbing vines will gain popularity in the coming year, and if you want to add one to your room, then start with mini monstera (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma)—looks sculpturesque as it climbs. It features split leaves like Monstera deliciosa in a more compact form, which is ideal for small apartments.

Hoyas, pothos, and philodendrons will also be on the wishlist due to their beautiful varieties!

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2. Flowering Houseplants

Best Types of Indoor Plants 02

Flowering houseplants will be most sought after in 2022, and peace lily is going to be the best choice for beginners. The forgiving nature makes it a favorite as it doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Check out the best peace lily varieties here.

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3. Tall Houseplants

Best Indoor Plants for the Year 2022 2

Include large or tall houseplants in your home in 2022 for an appealing and bold visual statement. According to various predictions and popularity, these plants will be in demand.

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4. Ferns

Best Types of Indoor Plants 04

The latest gardening trends show that ferns will also top the charts in 2022. Pick one of your favorite indoor ferns and grow them in hanging baskets for a beautiful display. Mist ferns often or use a humidifier near them for best growth.

5. Plants that Grow in Water

Best Indoor Plants for the Year 2022 4
Shutterstock/New Africa

Expect to see more plants that grow in water in 2022, just like 2021. The reason that will make them in trend in the coming year is definitely the beautiful look in clear vases and ease of growing.

Growing plants in water is quite easy as you only need to change the water in 3-7 days. Water-grown plants look great on tabletops.

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6. Succulents

Best Types of Indoor Plants 06

Succulents are popular for their adaptability and appearance, and the trend will continue in the year 2022. There is a wide range to choose from, and hanging succulents are the top choices in home decors for their modish look.

You can also take inspiration here for modern succulent windowsill ideas, as they will also be in vogue in the coming year.

7. Variegated & Colorful Houseplants

Best Indoor Plants for the Year 2022 9

According to the latest predictions, popularity, and sales, plant enthusiasts will love to adopt colorful variegated houseplants in 2022.

The splendid Silver Pothos (Scindapsus pictus), Birkin (Philodendron ‘Birkin’), and Cupid Peperomia (Peperomia scandens ‘Variegata’) will continue to lead the trend in the coming year.

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8. Big Foliage Houseplants

Best Types of Indoor Plants 08

In 2022, big foliage houseplants are going to be the piece of statement. Some of the best ones you can grow are elephant ears, aroids, dumb canes, and ficus species.

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