56 Indoor Garden in Kitchen Ideas

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Want to make your pantry a little more green? Love Plants in Home? Follow these 56 Kitchen Garden Ideas to invite the touch of nature!

Do you Love Plants in your Home? Your pantry can be a great place to flaunt greenery! Then Follow these 56 Garden in Kitchen Ideas!

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Here are some genius ways to use space above kitchen cabinets

Garden in Kitchen Ideas

1. Snip Herbs from this Corner


Create this small herb counter in your kitchen for readily available seasonings; add some vining plants, too, for a lovely look.

2. Kitchen Island Cum Plant Stand

Kitchen Garden Ideas 16

This elegant idea is worth a try in your kitchen; small potted plants in an orderly manner, along with trailing vines, give a beautiful look to any space.

3. Embellish Kitchen Rack with Plants


Add pep to the kitchen rack carrying crockery and appliances by including beautiful vines or ferns on the top empty area.

4. Plants on a Ladder Stand

Kitchen Garden Ideas 18

Make creative vertical space by using a ladder plant stand and arranging your favorite houseplant in your kitchen.

5. Mix and Match!


Display different plants above a colored wall using wooden hanging shelves.

6. Floating Plants on Pegboard Wall

Kitchen Garden Ideas 20
Diycore com Karla Amadori

Build floating shelves on the pegboard wall and place your small plants in a teacup for this cute and charming look in the kitchen.

7. Kitchen Forest


Reveal your affection for plants by including a range of houseplants in every possible space available in the kitchen and create this mini forest.

8. Plant Decor in Small Kitchen

Kitchen Garden Ideas 21

Don’t let the small space keep you from having plants; follow this idea and use trailing vines to decorate a compact kitchen.

9. Wrap Vines on a Rod Above Kitchen Island


Install a rod above the kitchen island and wrap the delicate vines on your hanging plant at other corners.

10. Plants with Grow Lights

Kitchen Garden Ideas 22

If you have a low-lit kitchen, then don’t let it stop you from growing plants of your choice. You can grow them on shelves using grow lights!

11. Hydroponic Arrangement

A hydroponic tower is all you need to grow salads and vegetables in a small kitchen.

12. Windowsill Vegetable Garden

Kitchen Garden Ideas 24

You can also make a windowsill herb or vegetable garden. Use a box or hang pots on the suspended pipe.

13. Use a Ladder!


Suspend a ladder on the ceiling and train vining or trailing plants around it for a dramatic display!

14. Line Pots on a Windowsill


If you have a big window in a kitchen, line up different plants, vegetables, or herbs to make the best use of it!

15. Plants on Floating Shelves Above Cabinet

Kitchen Garden Ideas 
janet kwan

Make your kitchen more appealing by adding floating shelves to adorn them with trailing plants.

Check out the best plant trailing-across-the-wall ideas here!

16. Boho Kitchen


Arrange potted plants on the kitchen windowsill and hang macrame planters carrying pretty trailing plants.

Get some stunning macrame wall planter ideas here!

17. Suspend Pots on a Rod

Kitchen Garden Ideas 2

Give your bland kitchen a complete makeover by hanging your green buddies from the kitchen rods and arranging a few on the countertops.

18. Plants Beside Sink Faucet


Organize small potted plants near the sink faucet for a neat minimalistic look. If you want to save yourself from growing hassles, you can opt for faux ones too.

19. Mini Garden on the Fridge Top

Kitchen Garden Ideas 3
Eva Deitch

Place some potted plants on the refrigerator top to make it more interesting by using a rustic box as a plant stand for your green pals.

20. Embellish a Kitchen Cabinet


Give a makeover to your sleek kitchen cabinet by ornamenting it with dangling plants trailing from the top.

21. Decorate Kitchen Clock With Air Purifying Plants

Kitchen Garden Ideas 4
Adela B

Follow this DIY, adorn a kitchen clock with pothos, and make your cooking space more lively and attractive.

22. Add Life to a Dull Kitchen Corner with Vertical Plant Hanger


Incorporate this vertical plant hanger into the dull kitchen corner and bring life to this portion. You can include succulents or any plant of your choice in the pots. Find the DIY here.

23. Adorn the Kitchen Window Ledge

Kitchen Garden Ideas 5

Add more beauty to the kitchen window ledge by growing herbs or colorful flowering plants in this area.

24. Contrasting Element


Bring contrast to pure white kitchen decor by including a large plant in a dark-hued pot in the corner near a window.

25. Wreath and Flowers

Kitchen Garden Ideas 6

Make a living herb wreath this. Add some colors by planting colorful blossoms in distinct pots.

26. Different Club Plants in the kitchen


Add beauty to unused space above the kitchen cabinet by adorning it with plants, and use a variety of plants to decorate every nook in the cooking area.

27. Trailing Vines, Wreaths, and Small Potted Plants

Kitchen Garden Ideas 7

Let trailing vines dangle freely from the floating shelves in the kitchen, making them more interesting by attaching a living wreath below the frame.

28. Plants in Wired Baskets Above Kitchen Rod


Place wired baskets and grow your favorite plants above the rod-carrying coffee mugs in your kitchen.

29. Lights & Plants

Kitchen Garden Ideas 10
Julie Buttery

Add twinkling lights from the cabinet to one angle of your kitchen and add floral and foliage plants on the other end.

30. Journey from Microwave to Cabinet Top

Lara Wolbeck

Take two potted pothos, place one on the cabinet top and the other on the microwave, and join the trailing vines for the complete look.

31. Burst of Bright Hues Paired with Plants

Kitchen Garden Ideas 11
Kathryn Hitchings

Add texture to your bright, colorful kitchen wall, appliances, and accessories by including different varieties of plants in every available space.

32. Less is More

Danuta Brożek

Add cut flowers or a potted plant to the kitchen countertop for this simple yet elegant look.

33. Scandinavian Kitchen and One Big Plant

Kitchen Garden Ideas 12

Add a large houseplant to the bright corner, and attach trailing vines to floating shelves in this Scandinavian kitchen look.

34. Potted Plant on the Kitchen Island


This simple look can be easily achieved by placing a potted plant on the kitchen island.

35. Baskets and Plants

Kitchen Garden Ideas 13

Make open shelves attractive by placing plants in this area and pairing them with baskets and an old clock for a pleasing look.

36. Box on the Window

Grow plants or herbs in a window box on the windowsill of your kitchen. It will make sure you have a steady supply of greens.

37. Plants on a Stand


For a neat look, you can grow plants on an old stand in your kitchen. It will keep your kitchen fresh and look green and beautiful.

38. Mason Jar Wall

While mason jars can be used for so many different things, this arrangement is super versatile and stands out. You can have the jars marked with the name of herbs growing in them for your convenience.

39. 5-Tier Plant Ladder


If you are looking for a pretty and short ladder shelf, you can pick something like this one that won’t take up too much space in your home. Choose one to grow plants that match your home decor.

40. Floating Wall Garden


Give a new twist to your plant game by accommodating plants, herbs, and flowers in a vertical container stacked on a spare wall in the pantry.

41. Metal Hanging Garden


This design can look beautiful, especially with the metallic pipes to hang the buckets. This idea can save you space and grow plenty of herbs.

42. Hang In There


Grow a trailing plant over the beautiful rack and let the plant cascade over the edges for a dramatic appeal.

43. Hang Over

Growing lovely vines with stunning foliage over a part of the kitchen wall can look interesting and also be provided with the right amount of humidity it needs.

44. Out of a Spices Box


Grow one or many lovely herbs in an old wooden spice box on a sunny spot in your kitchen for the best, delicious herbs.

45. Artistic Moss Wall


You can opt to grow this bright green, circular moss wall for a beautiful contrast against a black or dark-themed wall. Artificial plants can also be used for this.

46. Plants on a Swing

You can try making this wooden board swing with spaces for the planters to be placed over your kitchen sink for convenience.

47. Hanging Herbs

Go for a metallic-themed hanging garden using metallic pipes, bucket planters, and box planters to grow herbs. You can label them too.

48. Plants on Stands

Repurpose your old shelves, racks, or stands to grow leafy greens, or herbs in them. It will not only save you space and money, it will make your home much greener.

49. 4-Tiered Tray Garden

For all the plant enthusiasts who want to grow lots of plants even with limited space, this idea is for you.

50. Urban Plant Grower

Use an urban plant grower to grow a small herb garden. You can choose this easy planter idea fixed with wooden frame and even grow trailing vines.

51. White Pots on Tiled Wall

Picking white containers for your kitchen wall can match your home decor perfectly. Install metallic pipes to hand the planters.

52. Kitchen Green Island

A lush green foliage garden surrounding the kitchen island can include fresh produce and a herb garden for harvest all year round.

53. Topsy Turvy Garden


For this unique sky planter garden, you need to choose plants that can grow upside down in planters hanging from the ceiling.

54. Tomato Garden by the Window

If you love tomatoes, you can now grow them by your kitchen window. Use cut plastic bottles in an upside-down manner and install an automatic watering system. Check out this DIY for some inspo.

55. Indoor Kitchen Garden

This green dining space looks even more refreshing because of the added indoor garden in the kitchen.

56. Sky Planter Garden

Although ferns have a bad reputation for being a not-so-easy plant but not if you can do it right. You can choose to grow them like this in hanging planters from the ceiling for a cafe-themed look for your kitchen.

Check out How to get your Indoor Fern to look like this here!


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