17 Best Blue and White Flowers

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Have a look at the Best Blue and White Flowers on the list and include them in your plant collection for a refreshing feel.

If you are a fan of bright color combinations, then do not miss our list of the Best Blue and White Flowers!

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Best Blue and White Flowers

1. Ocean Pearl Clematis

Best Blue and White Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Clematis ‘Ocean pearl’

The mauve-blue blooms have a white tint on the inner part; they grow profusely in warm regions. The flowers are home to beneficial pollinators.

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2. Columbine

best Blue and White Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Aquilegia alpina

The pretty bell-shaped blue-white blossoms with yellow stamen float on dark green leaves that turn maroon in fall. It favors full sun in the north but doesn’t like too hot summer.

3. Blue Butterfly Bush

 White  and blue Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum ugandense

This beautiful flower is commonly seen across South Florida and boasts blue and white flowers that look like butterflies.

4. Blue Mood Pansy

Blue and White Flowers 4

Botanical Name: Viola x wittrockiana ‘Blue Mood’

The blue blooms have deep streaks and white margins around the yellow center. It grows to 8-12 inches tall and 24-30 inches wide.

5. Pansy Blueberry Swirl

Blue and White Flowers combined 5

Botanical Name: Viola × wittrockiana ‘Blueberry Swirl’

This beautiful pansy exhibits white blooms with solid blue or yellow edges. It handles cold weather very well.

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6. Dutch Iris

Blue and White Flowers 6

Botanical Name: Iris hollandica

The blooms show off blue, white, or yellow shades. Instead of growing from rhizomes, plant the bulbs in the fall.

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7. Forget Me Not

Blue with  White Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Myosotis scorpiodes

The little sky-blue blooms grow over bright green leaves during summer; they flaunt white and yellow centers.

8. Perennial Geranium

 White and blue  Flowers 8

Botanical Name: Geranium bohemicum

These perennial blue blooms display an infinite supply of flowers with a white center and deep blue streaks.

9. Grape Hyacinth

combination of Blue and White Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Muscari armeniacum

This perennial can grow up to 6 inches tall and displays slightly scented deep blue-white bell-shaped blooms that resemble an upside-down bunch of grapes.

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10. Bellflower

Blue and White Flowers plants 10

Botanical Name: Campanula

As the name sounds, Bellflower boasts blue and white bell-shaped flowers. You can also find flowers in violet, pink, and white hues.

11. Morning Glory

plants with Blue and White Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Ipomoea hederacea

The funnel-shaped flower appears in light blue color with a white center over three deeply divided lobed leaves.

12. Speedwell

blue and white flower plant in garden 12

Botanical Name: Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’

This semi-evergreen perennial features a cushion of small, rich blue blooms embellished with pearl-white eyes from early to late spring and occasionally all summer.

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13. Trailing Lobelias

wild blue and white flower 13

Botanical Name: Lobelia erinus

This tender perennial is grown as warm weather garden annuals as a container and edging plant. The five-petaled tiny flowers appear in blue, rose, purple, and white shades, with some highlighted by white eyes.

14. Butterfly Pea

Best Blue and White Flowers trail 14

Botanical Name: Clitoria ternatea

This perennial herbaceous flower has many medicinal uses; it is also a natural food colorant and antioxidant. The delicate blue and white flowers look great in gardens.

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15. Glory-of-the-Snow

blue and white flower bloom 15

Botanical Name: Chionodoxa forbesii

Glory-of-the-Snow flowers early out of the snow; the star-shaped blue flower has a white center, making it translucent or glassy.

16. Bluecrown Passionflower

blue and white flower tralies 16

Botanical Name: Passiflora caerulea

This semi-evergreen climber shows off a white or pink-flushed flower with a ring of blue, white, and purple filaments.

17. Night Sky Petunia

Best Blue and White Flowers 17

Botanical Name: Petunia

The night sky petunia is one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow, especially in hanging baskets. The combination in the petals does mimic stars!

Note: Other varieties of Petunia come in white and blue hues other than the night sky. 

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