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9 Plants that Look like Rocks and Stones

Do you know about Plants that Look like Rocks and Stones? Grow these quirky specimens today for an appealing look.

If you want green specimens that stand out in your garden with their unique shapes and colors, check out these Plants that Look like Rocks and Stones!

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Plants that Look like Rocks and Stones

1. Split Stones

Plants that Look like Rocks and Stones

Botanical Name: Pleiospilos nelii

Also known as living rock cactus, split rock, cleft stone or mimicry plant, this flowering succulent from South Africa displays two to four gray-green stone-like foliage divided by a cleft or crevice down the center.

2. Star Cactus

Botanical Name: Astrophytum spp.

This slow-growing cactus features white flocking on the green surface and yellow, red, or orange flowers that emerge from the center.

3. Baseball Plant


Botanical Name: Euphorbia obesa

This perennial succulent grows slowly in bulbous shape and V-shaped markings. Young baseball plants have round shapes but take elongated and cylindrical shapes with maturity.

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4. Conophytum

Plants that Look like Rocks and Stones 4

Botanical Name: Conophytum

Conophytum has a compact growth habit and spreads horizontally up to 2 feet wide, showing a dense cluster of stone or rock-like succulent leaves.

5. Moon Stone

Botanical Name: Pachyphytum Oviferum

This clump-forming succulent showcases plump, pale blue-green to blue-purple foliage arranged in a rosette at the tips of short stems.

6. Pebble Plant

Botanical Name: Lithops

Popular as ‘living stones,’ they closely resemble the rocks surrounding them, so animals don’t eat them. Living in adverse conditions, they adapt well and develop the ability to store water in leaves and pairs of small underground stems.

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7. Haworthia cooperi

Botanical Name: Haworthia cooperi var. truncata

This stemless succulent looks like small shining stones; it offsets quickly and displays a soft, fleshy, transparent rosette of round-tipped and spherical blue-green translucent patterns.

8. Maughan’s Haworthia

Plants that Look like Rocks and Stones 8

Botanical Name: Haworthia truncate var. Maughanii

This succulent has thick truncated leaves arranged in a dome-shaped tuft or rosette. Leaves are green-gray upright, irregularly cylindrical.

9. Karoo Rose


Botanical Name: Lapidaria margaretae

Also known as Kangaroo Rose, this dwarf succulent forms rosettes of two to four pairs of thick fleshy leaves. It makes clumps of up to 2-3 rosettes with age.

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