18 Fantastic Beetroot Tattoo Ideas

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Want a unique ink but are all out of ideas? Get a Beetroot Tattoo! Surprised? They’ll be your favorite thing once you scroll down.

Beetroot is a lovely, colorful vegetable. People use it in salads and for cooking. But did you know you can also use it for tattoos? Yes, you heard it right. And they hold beautiful meanings, too.

Beetroot Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Health and Vitality

Beetroots have rich nutritional content and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – making them symbols of health and vitality. You can get this tattoo to show a commitment to healthy living and taking care of yourself.

Connection to the Earth

Beetroots grow underground – a property that resonates with people who seek grounding in life and a connection to nature. This ink is for stability, resilience, and a deeper understanding.

Good Fortune and Passion

Beetroots also have deep cultural symbolism. For example, the Slavic cultures believe that beetroots are for love, passion, and good fortune.

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What Do Beets Represent?

Beet tattoos have rich symbolism and represent grounding oneself along with love and passion. People also get these tattoos as they are healthy vegetables with tons of nutrients.

You might also see people getting beetroot tattoos for Dwight Schrute from “The Office” because they’re huge fans of the show. Dwight owns Schrute Farms in the sitcom, which is a family business with a long history of growing beets.

Beetroot Tattoo Ideas

1. Sliced Beetroot Tattoo

Beetroot Tattoo 1

Look at this cute little beetroot with cuts on the body and large leaves at the top.

2. Beet Ink

Beetroot Tattoo 2

The details on the leaves and the roots are truly amazing in this one. Makes you want to reach out and feel them.

3. Fresh Beetroot

Beetroot Tattoo 3

You might actually think, why a beetroot? This guy got it because the vegetable had a positive impact on his health and life.

4. Hand with Beet Leaves

Hand with Beet Leaves

Check out this hand with scribbles and beetroot leaves. It seems weird at first, but it is kind of gorgeous.

5. Geometric Beet

Geometric Beet Tattoo

If you’re gonna get a beetroot ink on your body, geometric shapes are definitely a cool way to go.

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6. Dwight Beet Tattoo

Dwight Beet Tattoo

Why not get a tattoo of your favorite character as a beet like this Dwight Beet from “The Office?

7. Turnip the Beet

Turnip the Beet Tattoo

Here’s a unique design of a beet on the arm that is being pierced by a turnip.

8. Bloody Beetroots Tattoo

Bloody Beetroots Tattoo

You can also get a matching beetroot tattoo with your significant others or family members. Add a few bloody splotches of ink to make it cooler.

9. Bear, Beet, and Battlestar Galactica

Beet, and Battlestar Galactica

You don’t need something big – just club a few designs that are meaningful to you.

10. Sweet Beet Ink

Sweet Beet Ink Tattoo

Why do so many people get beet tattoos? Because they’re big Office fans and of Schrute farms.

11. Haunted Beet Idea

Haunted Beet Idea

There is nothing as much fun or cute as this little haunted beet idea with an eye.

12. Black and White Beetroot

Black and White Beetroot Tattoo

You don’t need to add colors to your beetroot ink, a shaded one looks just as pretty.

13. Realistic Beet

Realistic Beet Tattoo

You can add subtle highlights like borders and shades to make your beetroot tattoo look like a real one.

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14. Beetroot on the Leg

Beetroot on the Leg

What a beautiful spreading ink of a beet with large leaves covering the leg. This is easily one of the best ideas on our list.

15. Beetle Tattoo

Beetle Tattoo

If you like puns, we’ve got this cute beetle that we know you’ll love. We found it here.

16. Tiny Beets

Tiny Beets Tattoo

A tiny beetroot bunch with details like red stems and muddy roots. Simple and pretty.

17. Teapot and Beetroots

Teapot and Beetroots

A cute little teapot with beetroots from The Office. Can you guess what this one means?

18. Simple Beetroot Ink

Simple Beetroot Ink Tattoo

You don’t always need to go fancy, here’s proof that a simple traditional beetroot ink is just as pretty.

Why a Beetroot?

Beetroots remind you of your connection to the Earth and make amazing (and unique) tattoos. It doesn’t matter if you use it to showcase your healthier side, your gardening passion, or anything else.

As long as the ink means something to you and your personality, it’s a great choice. So go ahead and get your beetroot tattoo.

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