25 Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

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We’ve got the best Flower Shoulder Tattoos that will inspire you. They’re perfect for a unique ink and for personal expression!

Why Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas? Flower tattoos are popular for many reasons. They are beautiful. They can mean different things, like love or strength. Flowers can also remind you of special times or people.

Flower Shoulder Tattoo Meaning and Significance

There are a ton of flowers and floral combinations you can get on your skin. But each one of these has a deep meaning.


We all know roses are the undisputed queen of flower tattoos. They have a ton of meanings associated with them, too – passion, love, beauty, and resilience.


Lotus flowers come to a close second. These blooms rise from murky waters and symbolize spiritual growth, purity, and enlightenment. You can get lotus flower shoulder tattoos for overcoming challenges as well.


Sunflowers radiate happiness, optimism, and vitality with their golden flowers and also remind the bearer of the tattoo to find joy in the simple things of life.


Lilies represent purity and innocence. Their meaning also changes with their color. White ones are for purity and new beginnings, pink ones for compassion, and orange ones for confidence.

You see, the flowers you choose for your shoulder design will showcase who you are.

Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

1. Magnolia Shoulder Piece

Magnolia Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Magnolia flowers on the shoulder are a wonderful choice if you’re going for purity and femininity.

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2. American Traditional Rose and Poppies

American Traditional Rose and Poppies Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Why don’t you go neotraditional with the ink style – they look really pretty on the skin and have amazing colors.

3. Floral Shoulders

Floral Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Flower shoulder tattoos for ladies can be filled with any flower you like. It can be sunflowers, roses, daisies, or others.

4. Sunflower and Mum

Sunflower and Mum Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

This combination of the sunflower with the chrysanthemum represents positivity and loyalty. Pretty, isn’t it?

5. Flowers with Mandala

Flowers with Mandala Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

You can also pair the flower shoulder ink with a mandala. These are for balance and harmony.

6. A Pair of Roses

A Pair of Roses flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

There is nothing better than a sweet, old pair of roses for love. You can get it for your loved ones, too.

7. Fluffy Shoulder Cap Florals

Fluffy Shoulder Cap Florals flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

See how the shading distinguishes the flowers and different leaves? Make sure you add this to your design.

8. Flowers with Ladybugs on Shoulders

Flowers with Ladybugs on Shoulders Tattoo ideas

Look at the beautiful tiny ladybugs with these floral shoulder tattoos. They’re for new beginnings.

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9. Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo

Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo idea

There’s nothing better than a large sunflower adorning your shoulder and upper arm. Sunflower tattoos are for positivity and health.

10. Golden Flower

Golden Flower tattoo ideas

Ditch the common tattoos and go with a beautiful golden flower to cover your shoulders.

11. Bedazzled Daisies

Bedazzled Daisies flower tattoo ideas

Why not create a beautiful bedazzled shoulder tattoo with daisies? All you need are beads and chains to add to its allure.

12. Flower Shoulder Tattoo with Mandala

Flower Shoulder Tattoo with Mandala

Adding a mandala to your floral shoulder piece is a lovely choice because it’s perfect for inner peace.

13. Rose Flower Outlines on Shoulders

Rose Flower Outlines on Shoulders tattoo idea

If you want subtle that makes a huge statement, floral outlines should be your go-to choice.

14. Peonies on the Shoulder Tattoo

Peonies on the Shoulder Tattoo

Peonies are a nice choice for shoulder inks as they’re a symbol of love, beauty, and fortune.

15. Freehand Black Roses

Freehand Black Roses fowers tattoo ideas

These freehand black roses will look absolutely amazing and are perfect for individuality and transformation.

16. Rose, Water Lily, and Carnation

Rose, Water Lily, and Carnation flower tattoo idea

You can also create a personalized piece like this – it’s for passion, spirituality, and loved ones.

17. Fineline Ornamental Shoulder Tattoo

Fineline Ornamental Shoulder Tattoo idea

Fineline inks look good no matter where you choose to get them. Just see the detailing they provide.

18. Daylily Flowers on Shoulder

Daylily Flowers on Shoulder tattoo idea

Daylily flowers are for personal growth and finding inner beauty – they also look beautiful on the shoulders and collarbone.

19. Flowers and Butterfly Piece

Flowers and Butterfly Piece tattoo idea

You can create a floral design on your shoulder and pair it with a tattoo of a butterfly for hope and freedom.

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20. Feminine Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Feminine Flower Shoulder Tattoo idea

This shoulder idea of florals is made with sunflowers and chrysanthemums, but you can choose any blooms you like.

21. Single Needle Flower

Single Needle Flower tttoo idea

Single-needle tattoo body art is even better than the fineline style as it’ll create a thin, detailed, and delicate piece.

22. Metallic Red Roses

Metallic Red Roses flower tattoo idea

Why not go bold with the color of the florals, like these rose flowers done in a metallic red hue?

23. Shoulder Flower Tattoo Men

Shoulder Flower Tattoo Men

If you think floral shoulders are not for men, you couldn’t be more wrong.

24. Floral Shoulder with Cute Sparrows

Floral Shoulder with Cute Sparrows flower tattoo idea

Add a few cute sparrows to the floral piece, and it’ll become a pretty symbol of freedom and beauty.

25. Vibrant Florals

Vibrant Florals flowers tattoo idea

Don’t know what flowers to choose? Just ask for a combination of vibrant ones, and it’ll still look cool.

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Why Tattoo Flowers on the Shoulders?

Flowers are perfect to get on your shoulders because of their beauty and diversity. With such a huge selection of flowers and combinations available that are for different meanings, flower shoulder tattoo designs represent your story and what you’ve been through.

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