25 Stunning Black and Orange Birds

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The striking combination of Black and Orange Birds tell us how amazing nature can be with colors!

Some black and orange birds on this list have subtle tones of said colors on their feathers, while some have deeper, more prominent hues.

Black and Orange Birds

1. Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Icterus galbula

As one of the most recognizable black and orange birds, it is a frequent visitor to gardens in the eastern parts of North America.

2. Black Headed Grosbeak

Black-headed Grosbeak on tree

Scientific Name: Pheucticus melanocephalus

With striking black and orange markings, Black-headed Grosbeak is a medium-sized songbird. Males have a distinctive black head, while females display softer hues.

3. Flame Tanager

Flame-colored Tanager Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Piranga bidentata

Native to mountainous regions of Mexico and Central America, it displays a blend of fiery orange and black colors. This bird thrives in pine and oak forests.

4. Blackburnian Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler bird on tree

Scientific Name: Setophaga fusca

This migratory warbler is popular for its black and orange, flame-like pattern, especially on the throat. It is a sight to behold during its spring migration!

5. American Redstart

American Redstart Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Setophaga ruticilla

The American Redstart is a distinctive warbler with black and orange coloration. It is common in various habitats across North America.

6. Red Winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Agelaius phoeniceus

Contrary to its name, the Red-winged Blackbird boasts vibrant red-orange and yellow shoulder patches. These birds prefer wetlands where they forage for insects and seeds.

7. Hooded Oriole

Hooded Oriole bird on feeder

Scientific Name: Icterus cucullatus

The Hooded Oriole is common in the southwestern United States. Featuring a bright orange body and a distinctive black bib, its appearance is bold and eye-catching!

8. Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole on tree stack

Scientific Name: Icterus spurius

Orchard Orioles have rich chestnut and black plumage. Primarily feeding on a diet rich in insects and nectar, you can spot these birds in various habitats.

9. Black Backed Oriole

Black-backed Oriole Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Icterus abeillei

The Black backed Oriole has vibrant orange underparts. You can spot one in the highlands of Central America.

10. Black and Rufous Flycatcher

Scientific Name: Ficedula nigrorufa

This finch displays a sleek combination of black and orange plumage. Native to the Galápagos Islands, its habitat spans from arid lowlands to lush highlands.

11. Vermilion Flycatcher

Vermilion Flycatcher on tree

Scientific Name: Pyrocephalus rubinus

The Vermilion Flycatcher is a stunning bird with bright orange-red plumage. It is often seen in open areas catching insects in flight.

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12. Orange Weaver

Orange Weaver Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Ploceus aurantius

Native to sub-Saharan Africa, the Orange Weavers display striking orange and black markings. They create intricate hanging nests using grass and other materials.

13. Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager on tree branch

Scientific Name: Piranga olivacea

The Scarlet Tanager, with its brilliant red plumage and contrasting black wings, is a migratory songbird. It primarily feeds on insects and fruits.

14. Black Throated Grosbeak

Black-throated Grosbeak with orange beak

Scientific Name: Saltator fuliginosus

This grosbeak displays a combination of black and orange feathers. With a strong orange-red beak, it feeds on seeds and fruits.

15. Western Tanager

Western Tanager on tree stack

Scientific Name: Piranga ludoviciana

Inhabiting the western parts of North America, it showcases a mix of yellow, black, and orange hues. You can spot it easily in coniferous forests.

16. Spectacled Whitestart

Spectacled whitestart with black orange and yellow colors

Scientific Name: Myioborus melanocephalus

This warbler, found in Central and South America, is adorned with intricate black and orange patterns. It forages for insects in the canopy of tropical forests.

17. Orange Headed Thrush

Orange-headed Thrush Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Geokichla citrina

Native to Southeast Asia, this black and orange bird sings melodious song. It is quite a common sight in wooded areas.

18. Varied Thrush

Varied Thrush on green tree branch

Scientific Name: Ixoreus naevius

The Varied Thrush is a distinctive bird with a beautiful combination of black, orange, and blue-gray plumage. It often inhabits dense forests.

19. Brambling

Brambling Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Fringilla montifringilla

These finches display subtle black and orange chests. They are known for their winter migrations, where flocks can be found in mixed woodlands and open areas.

20. Streak Backed Oriole

Streak-backed Oriole on mango tree

Scientific Name: Icterus pustulatus

Featuring a streaked pattern on its back, combining bold black and vibrant orange feathers, these birds are native to the parts of Mexico and Central America.

21. Flame Robin

Flame Robin bird in tree stack

Scientific Name: Petroica phoenicea

The Flame Robin is an Australian small passerine bird that boasts a bright orange breast. It’s a common sight in open woodlands and grassy areas.

22. Altamira Oriole

Altamira Oriole Black and Orange Birds

Scientific Name: Icterus gularis

Found in the southern United States and Mexico, the Altamira Oriole stands out with its black and orange feathers. You can spot it in woodlands and areas near rivers.

23. Eastern Towhee

Black and Orange Birds f

Scientific Name: Pipilo erythrophthalmus

Eastern Towhees have black wings and heads with white bellies. Only females have orange-brown sides, and are named for the unique “towhee” call they make.

24. Bullock’s Oriole

Black and Orange Birds 3

Scientific Name: Icterus bullockii

Male Bullock Orioles have a fiery orange plumage that goes perfectly with their black wings and heads. If the coat is a bit yellow-green; then it’s a female.

25. Northern Flicker

Black and Orange Birds 7

Scientific Name: Colaptes auratus

This medium-sized woodpecker has black spots on the chest with a dark black collar. Its body is entirely brown, but Northern Flicker has orange shades on cheeks and head.

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