18 DIY Rain Chain Ideas | How to Make a Rain Chain

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Want to install rain chains at your home without spending too much? These DIY Rain Chain Ideas are easy to make and look great!

Rain chains are perfect for harvesting rainwater. They not only add a decorative element to the garden but are also easy to make and can be a lot of fun! As getting them installed professionally can be a costly affair, we have some great DIY Rain Chain Ideas for you to do it at a fraction of a cost!

1. TerraCotta Rain Chain DIY

DIY Rain Chain Ideas

Make yourself a gift for those rainy days–A rain chain DIY! Check out its tutorial here.

2. Recycled Soda Bottles as Hanging Seedling Rain Chains

Have un-used soda bottles? Don’t throw them away! Join them together using a 22 gauge floral wire to make a rain chain.

3. DIY Rain Chain Using Spoons

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 2

Using basic supplies like Spoons, wire, and drill you can make yourself a great rain chain. Details here.

4. Make a Rain Chain With Steel Buckets

How about using small galvanized steel buckets to make an interesting rain chain? It is also a great idea to make your kids learn.

5. Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 3

What an interesting way to use pebbles and stones of different sizes! Use decorative floral wire to hold them up and you’ll be done! Details are here.

6. Stock Tank Rain Chain Fountain

This Rain Chain Fountain will call for an effort to make but it will be worth it! Looks great and adds an appeal to the garden.

7. Copper Rain Chain Succulent Planter

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 4

You can use copper rain chain cups to grow succulents. This will be a stunning feature in your garden and will also look absolutely great in any corner of your house. Details here.

8. Plastic Cup Rain Chain

These colorful pots, hanging with chains will make for a great rain chain. Easy to make and quick to accomplish.

9. DIY Rain Chain

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 5

Using small aluminum funnels, chain them up together to use the rainwater to water the plants.

10. Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain

Who knew zip ties can be used in a fun way to make a colorful rain chain! It’s a fun project and even your kids can do it too.

11. DIY Ombre Rain Chain

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 6

This DIY highlights how you can use the mini terracotta pots in a simple, yet effective way to make a rain chain.

12. How To Install Rain Chain

This video tells in detail how you can make a rain chain using just the small and bigger rings tied together.

13. DIY Copper Rain Chain

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 7

All you need is a soft copper tubing, PVC pipe, cutter, and a blow torch for this DIY.

14. Install A Copper Rain Chain

These copper cups, tied together with a piece of the metallic string gives a very English look to your home. Details here.

15. Recycled Glass Chunk Rain Chain

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 8

You can use different pieces of glass and rocks for this DIY. Use copper wire to hold them together and attach a copper hook at the end to hang.

16. Genius Alternative Rain Chains

If you have a stone-paved deck area at your home, then this DIY will come handy for you to harvest rainwater,

17. DIY Rain Chains

DIY Rain Chain Ideas 8

Using little copper bowls, you can make a very effective rain chain. This video will guide you in making one.

18. Hanging Yogurt Cup Rain Chain

If you want a really cheap DIY, then you can use the empty yogurt cup for this project. It’s very simple to make and great for involving kids too!

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