44 Best White Hawaiian Flowers

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Get ready to be enchanted by the pure, graceful, and elegant beauty of our list of the Best White Hawaiian Flowers for your home.

 Whether you’re planning a Hawaiian-themed party or looking for the perfect flower to adorn your garden, explore the Best White Hawaiian Flowers that will leave you feeling charmed.

Here is the List of Hawaiian Flowers

Best White Hawaiian Flowers

1. Arabian Jasmine

Best White Hawaiian Flowers

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac

Pikake is a sweetly scented flower known for its delicate white petals, often used in making leis and perfumes.

2. Plumeria

Hawaiian White Flowers1
shutterstock/Papichaya Rattanamanee

Botanical Name: Plumeria

Plumeria is another fragrant and colorful flower with waxy, white petals that are often used in leis and as decorative accents.

3. Gardenia

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides

A white, velvety-petaled flower with a sweet and intoxicating fragrance, Gardenia is often used in wedding bouquets and corsages.

4. Hibiscus

Hawaiian White Flowers1

Botanical Name: Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a large and showy flower that comes in many colors, including white. The white hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii and is often used in leis.

5. Stephanotis

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Stephanotis floribunda

A small, star-shaped white flower with a sweet, heady fragrance that is often used in bridal bouquets and corsages.

6. Anthurium

Hawaiian White Flowers2

Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum

A unique and striking flower with a heart-shaped bloom and glossy, spade-shaped leaves. It comes in various shades of white and pink.

7. White Ginger

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 4

Botanical Name: Hedychium coronarium

A fragrant flower with waxy white petals and a spicy scent, often used in leis and as a decorative accent.

10. Naupaka

Hawaiian white flowers

Botanical Name: Scaevola taccada

A unique half-flower that grows in pairs with a story of a Hawaiian legend behind it. The white Naupaka has five petals and is commonly used in leis.

11. Puakenikeni

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Fagraea berteriana

A fragrant, tubular flower with waxy, white petals and an orange center that is often used in leis and as a decorative accent.

12. Crown Flower

Hawaiian white flowers3

Botanical Name: Calotropis gigantea

The Crown Flower is a striking, star-shaped bloom with a powdery texture and a sweet fragrance.

13. White Carnation

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 6

Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus

A classic flower often used in wedding bouquets and corsages, with delicate white petals and a spicy fragrance.

14. Heavenly Rose

Hawaiian White Flowers.2

Botanical Name: Rosa odorata

The Loke Lani, also called the Heavenly Rose is a small, delicate rose with soft white petals that are a beauty found in Hawaii.

15. Mokara Orchid

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 7
Vasanth Orchids Nursery

Botanical Name: Aranda x Mokara

A colorful and exotic orchid that comes in many shades of white, often used in wedding bouquets and corsages.

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16. Moonflower

Hawaiian White Flowers.

Botanical Name: Ipomoea alba

A large, fragrant flower that blooms at night, the Moonflower has large white petals and a sweet, intoxicating scent.

17. White Bird of Paradise

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 8
shutterstock/sergio Cano Badia

Botanical Name: Strelitzia nicolai

A tropical and striking plant with large, white, and blue flowers that resemble a bird in flight.

18. Spider Lily

Hawaiian White Flowers.5

Botanical Name: Hymenocallis

A unique and delicate flower with long, the Spidery Lily has slender petals that are often used in floral arrangements and as decorative accents.

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19. Tuberose

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberosa

A fragrant flower with waxy white petals and a sweet, heady fragrance cherished as perfume and a decorative accent.

20. Pua Kala

Hawaiian White Flowers.9

Botanical Name: Cleome gynandra

The Pua Kala is a small and delicate flower with five petals and a bright yellow center, often used in Hawaiian leis.

21. Passionfruit Flower

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 10

Botanical Name: Passiflora

A colorful and fragrant flower that comes in many shades of white, often used in floral arrangements.

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22. Nanu

Hawaiian White Flowers.11

Botanical Name: Gardenia brighamii

Nanu is a small, delicate flower with five petals and a bright yellow center, often used in Hawaiian leis.

23. Molokai Ohaha

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 11
Botanical Name: Brighamia rockii

A rare and endangered plant species native to Molokai, with small, delicate white flowers and thin, wiry branches.

24. Alulu

Hawaiian White Flowers.12

Botanical Name: Brighamia insignis

Alulu is a unique and striking plant with long, slender leaves and small white flowers.

25. White Leadtree

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 12
Botanical Name: Leucaena leucocephala

A small tree with white, fragrant flowers native to Hawaii, the Akia is a beautiful Hawaiian plant.

26. White Sage

Hawaiian White Flowers.12

Botanical Name: Dodonaea viscosa

A small, delicate flower with white petals, The Aalii is often used in Hawaiian leis due to its striking beauty.

27. Wild Begonia

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 13

Botanical Name: Begonia kauaiensis

A colorful and exotic plant with large, white, and pink flowers, the Ahuawa is beloved for its use in floral arrangements.

28. Widow’s Thrill

Hawaiian White Flowers.13

Botanical Name: Wikstroemia uva-ursi

The Akia is a small shrub with white flowers and dark green foliage.

29. Shell Ginger

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 14

Botanical Name: Alpinia zerumbet

Another tropical plant with white cone-shaped flowers, the White Shampoo Ginger, is used in traditional Hawaiian hair care.

30. Star Jasmine

Hawaiian White Flowers.15

Botanical Name: Jasminum multiflorum

The Star Jasmine is a climbing plant with fragrant white flowers.

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31. Sida Fallax

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 15

Botanical Name: Sida fallax

The Ilima is a small shrub with yellow or white flowers, which is symbolic of Hawaiian culture.

32. Sida Linifolia

Hawaiian White Flowers.16

Botanical Name: Sida linifolia

The Ilima Papa is similar to the Ilima and is a beautiful Hawaiian flower, it has smaller flowers and leaves.

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33. White Wiliwili

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 16

Botanical Name: Erythrina sandwicensis

This deciduous native tree can grow up to 35-45 feet tall; it offers pretty claw-shaped white blossoms.

34. Silversword

Hawaiian White Flowers.17

Botanical Name: Argyroxiphium sandwicense

The Hawaii silversword is a rare plant with silver leaves and tall, spiky flowers.

35. White Lantana

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 17

Botanical Name: Lantana camara ‘Alba’

A flowering shrub with small clusters of white or cream flowers that bloom year-round offers beautiful Hawaiian flowers.

36. Sea Poison Tree

Hawaiian White Flowers.18
shutterstock/dimiter popondrewu

Botanical Name: Barringtonia asiatica

A tropical tree that grows in coastal areas with distinctive bark and leaves that have a glossy, dark green color. The tree has beautiful white blooms of white with pink-tipped stamens.

37. Heavenly Queen

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 18

Botanical Name: Clermontia lindseyana

The Liilinoe is a native Hawaiian shrub with small, white, star-shaped flowers and glossy green leaves that grows in high-elevation forests.

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38. White Heather

Hawaiian White Flowers.18

Botanical Name: Daboecia cantabrica

A low-growing shrub with small white flowers and needle-like leaves. The plant is found in rocky coastal areas in Hawaii.

39. White Cotton

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 19

Botanical Name: Gossypium tomentosum

A native Hawaiian shrub with white flowers that resemble cotton balls with green leaves that have a rough texture.

40. Scented Bower Vine

Hawaiian White Flowers.20

Botanical Name: Pandorea jasminoides

The Manulele is a climbing vine with fragrant white flowers that grow in clusters and has dark green leaves that are heart-shaped.

41. Hawaiian Myrtle

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 20

Botanical Name: Myoporum sandwicense

A small tree native to Hawaii with white, fragrant flowers and grayish-brown bark.

42. White Cheesewood

Hawaiian White Flowers.21

Botanical Name: Plumeria obtusa

The Nanea is a flowering tree with white or cream-colored flowers that grow in clusters and small, glossy leaves that are green on top and pale underneath.

43. Nau (Soapberry)

Best White Hawaiian Flowers 21

Botanical Name: Sapindus saponaria

A small tree produces clusters of small, white flowers that bloom in the spring; the Nau also has green leaves that turn yellow in the fall.

44. Smooth Cat’s Ear

Hawaiian White Flowers.22

Botanical Name: Hypochaeris radicata

A low-growing plant with white or yellow flowers resembling daisies and soft, gray-green leaves.

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