These 28 Air Plant Stands Are So Cute that You Don’t Want To Miss

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These Air Plant Stands Are So Cute That You Don’t Want to Miss the opportunity to include them in your home décor.

Air plants are already a standout among indoor plant collections. Now, here is your chance to choose Cute Air Plant Stands and see how they will turn the heads of those visiting your home!

These Are The Most Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas

Cute Air Plant Stands

1. Beautiful Hexagonal Stand

Cute Air Plant Stands

This hexagonal holder looks beautiful, as colorful stripes run through it horizontally, and the air plant perches on its top.

2. Stone and Wire Display

This is the perfect example of how creativity works! Get some stones and wind a copper wire around it to display your air plants. Here’s how.

3. Wooden Blocks with Metal Extension

Wooden Blocks airplant Stand

You can use metal wire and small wood blocks for such a lovely display.

4. Metal Stands

Black Iron Air Plant Stands

These sleek metal plant stands come cheap and blend in well with the modern decor.

5. Tree Stump Air Plant Stand

If you’ve got a tree stump in your yard, cut out a small hole in it and turn it into this.

6. Spring Stands

You can also use metal wire to create these spring stands for air plants. It’s really easy.

7. Cute Tree Stand

DIY Wire Stand

Get a bowl filled with stones and add a pencil covered in metal wires in it. You can extend each wire end to create a mini air plant tree.

These Are The Best 20 Air Plant Decor Ideas 

8. Cute Butterfly and Moss Stands

Butterfly spring airplant Stand

Grab colored moss and butterfly cutouts and adorn your regular air plant stands with these to make them cuter and prettier.

9. Tiny Window Pane of Air Plants

Grab a wooden frame and add wire mesh. That’s it—you now have a small window where your air plants can float.

10. Driftwood Stand

Driftwood Air Plant Stand

If you find a piece of driftwood, make sure you turn it into a cute tabletop stand for air plants.

11. Birch Log Centrepiece

You can dine with this beautiful air plant tabletop centerpiece every night. Here’s how to make it.

12. Tiny Air Plant Tree

Air Plant Tree

Wrap foldable wire in rope and then add twists and turns to make this cute little air plant tree stand. Don’t forget the pebbles.

13. Overhead Air Plant Display

Everything you need to make this amazing overhead air plant display for your bed can be found here.

14. Stained Glass Stand

Stained Glass Stand

These colorful air plant stands are just perfect with their geometrical shapes and beautiful hues.

15. DIY Mini Stands

Grab a bunch of wooden dowels and follow these steps to recreate these stands for air plants.

16. A Cute Wreath

Sea Shell Air Plant Display

A little bit of grapevine and a few shells are enough for a cute air plant wreath for the door.

17. Dancing Man Planter

These air plant Dancing man planter, or anything similar to this, are perfect for the office. We found the idea here.

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18. Cute Pokemon Stand

Pokemon Stands for Air Plants

They’ve got Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and even Pikachu plant, which stands for air plants. We found them here.

19. Upcycled Air Plant Holder Stand

Upcycled Air Plant Holder Stand

If you have a few napkin rings, paint them and stack them in a small tower for air plants.

20. Snowman Stand for Tillandsias

Snowman Stand for Tillandsias

What’s cuter and friendlier than a Kawaii monster? This pretty snowman toy stand for tillandsias.

21. Metal Wire Holders and Stands

If you’re good at crafting, why not use your hands (and your imagination) to recreate these metal wire stands shown in the picture above?

22. House Shaped Holders

You can also make little houses of glass filled with pebbles for your little green friends. Here’s the DIY.

23. Wood Stand Idea

There’s nothing better or cuter than a natural wood stand that will make your air plants look pretty. DIY here.

24. Air Plant Lantern

You can repurpose an old chandelier and turn it into a cute and fuzzy lantern idea.

25. Macrame Hangers

A hanging driftwood piece with macrame strings for supporting an air plant, what more could you want?

26. Cute Pottery Idea

If you know how to do pottery, put your skills to good use and make cute little stands like these. We found it here.

27. Bamboo Stick and Rock Standair plant Bamboo Stick and Rock Stand

There’s a lot that you can do with bamboo sticks and rocks, like making this air plant stand. Here’s the DIY.

28. Driftwood Display IdeaAir plant display ideas

Chandeliers can never top the natural effect of driftwood display on the ceiling. We found the idea here.

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