99 Great Ideas to display Houseplants | Indoor Plants Decoration

Indoor plants decoration requires regular care and maintenance but if you don’t find time for this then choose robust potted plants that need low light and less water are among the most popular houseplants. Express your personal taste and pick out beautiful houseplants according to your preference.


houseplant display (2)


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Glückstaler on the wooden shelf


Minimalist decor ideas with lasting character


Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of nature!


Obtain also original flower stand


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houseplant display ideas (1)


houseplants display ideas (8)


houseplants display ideas (1)


house plants display (1)


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Homes: houseplants


indoor plants ideas (2)


houseplants ideas (6)


indoor plants ideas (1)


  1. Hi – Love all the different wire plant stands. Can you tell me where I can buy the triangle one next to the bed as well as the differnt lower ones shown in the picture of the “indoor garden”. Thanks in advance

  2. Hey
    Can you maybe tell me where I can get that black and white print with the Cadillac and the palm trees in the background in No. 93?

    • Ummmm, that’s not a Cadillac…

      (Now, to go out on my own limb… LOL!) It’s a Camaro I believe, my hubby adored them.

      Good luck finding it; if my DH were still alive, I’d want it for him, too!

  3. I truly loved all of your decorating ideas and I am definately going to use a few in my home. i will also follow your website for future ideas. i give you a big thumbs up!

  4. I like that you said that plant stands are a decorative feature that elevates plants higher. If I was going to get a plant stand then I would want to make sure that it was something that would go with the surroundings. It might be a good idea to find one that is affordable and something that you like.

  5. Wow !!! So beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing !!! Having and caring for plants is one thing but to be able to show-case them as elegantly as the many ways you have shown is the icing on the cake!!! Now maybe my plants can really shine like the rock stars they are !!!

  6. I have an entire 2nd bedroom filled with nothing but plants. Unfortunately, I also have a cat that won’t leave anything alone. So we took the door off the room and put up a cheapy, but rustic screen door up.snd now I see all my plants, but the cat can’t eat them. I am looking for plant stand everywhere, but I have over 100 plants. Some grown in the same pot together and some are in big barrels, so I am always trying to come up with better ideas to make the room look better. The apartments we live in the walks won’t hold a thing, so they have to go on stands it tables. Will follow you for some creative ideas.

  7. Love these idea, but a lot of them my cats would destroy unfortunately. An article for keeping plants in a home with pets would be great =]

  8. Can anyone identify the beautiful white plant, that is in the #56 photo?…. Love the ceramic holders, containers different shapes, and deep earthy tones. Great idea!… thanks for sharing!…


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