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How To Grow A Container Chai Garden

Grow your very own Chai Garden in Containers. It’s easy! You can do it in your balcony, patio or even the windowsill.

Chai is an alternative word for tea in India and other subcontinent nations. It’s prepared the same way in East Africa as well. A spicier version of tea with herbs and spices added. Milk, loose leaf tea, water, sugar, and spices are simmered, strained and served when the nice concoction is formed.

Here’s a nice Chai Recipe at the Kitchn by Sara Kate Gillingham to try!

how to grow a chai garden

The chai has many health benefits due to the blend of spices and herbs. In case, you love it, growing a chai garden is worthful. You don’t need a big garden for that. The space on your balcony, patio, or even the window sill is enough.


Ginger is the number one ingredient to plant in your chai garden. It’s super easy to grow! Along with ginger roots, you can also use ginger leaves to make a chai. The anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties and the fresh and warm taste makes it the must-have chai garden plant. Learn how to grow ginger here!

Holy Basil

Holy basil is the best thing to put in your chai recipe. Both the seeds and leaves of this herb are useful. Add holy basil to your chai to get benefit from its antioxidant, antiviral, and immune stimulant properties.
Growing holy basil is easy, though it requires warm weather. Grow it as an annual, if you live in a cool climate. If you live in USDA Zones 9-11, grow it as a perennial. Here’s the detailed growing guide!


Lemongrass is another herb to grow in a chai garden to give a light-refreshing lemony flavor to your chai. Chop the grass and add the pieces to your tea with other ingredients. It is full of antioxidants and improves the digestion.
Grow lemongrass as a perennial if you live in a warm climate. Below USDA Zone 9, grow it as an annual. Keep the plant in full sun, in the moist but well-drained soil.

Stevia (Optional)

You can use fresh stevia leaves as a sweetener in your chai. Although, it’s optional! Raw stevia leaves are 40 times sweeter than sugar. Also, it has no calories.
Stevia grows best in a hot climate as a perennial, USDA Zones 9 and above. However, you can grow it year round with protection from winter in a cold climate.

Other Ingredients

To make a nice masala chai, you’ll need other spices as well like cardamom, cinnamon sticks, fennel seeds. Add a combination of these spices and herbs according to your taste. If you’re in the US, you can find many of these spices in the bulk food section in the nearby food store at a reasonable price or go to the Asian grocery store–the article here is very helpful regarding this.

Note: Don’t use tea bags, get a loose leaf tea packet or container.


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