Arum Lily Care and Growing | How to Grow Arum Lilies

Arum lily care and growing is not difficult, read this article to learn “How to Grow and Care for it”.

how to grow arum lily

A beautiful and spectacular flower, arum lily care and growing is easy. It is ideal to decorate gardens, terraces and balconies. Arum lily, also called “calla lily” is a perennial from Araceae family.

Its rigid and vertical flower stalk ends in a spathe flared funnel that hides a yellow or orange spadix. Arum lily flowers usually bloom in summer to early fall and are very unique and marvelous to watch.

USDA Zones— 8 – 11, *can be grown in cooler zones with care in winter

Difficulty— Easy

Other Names— Calla Lily,

Soil pH— Slightly Acidic to Neutral


Calla lily is an extremely toxic plant. It is advised to plant it away from the reach of children as it should not be eaten under any circumstances, and care must be taken with its sap when cutting or pruning, as this is very irritating.

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Arum Lily Care and How to Grow it

Propagation and Arum Lily Planting

The simplest and quickest solution for growing arum lily is to multiply it by division of rhizomes or plant bulbs. You can also grow it from seeds: Sow seeds on the surface of a hot and humid soil in spring or summer. Keep them in a bright location. Germination takes place between 1 and 3 months. The ideal germination and growing temperature is around 60 F (15 C).

*In tropics and warmer zones: USDA Zones 8 – 11 or other parts of the world, grow it anytime, when temperature stables around 60 F.

In the garden

Plant arum in spring, in a humus rich soil, 15 cm deep with a spacing of 30-40 cm between each plant. Water generously during the growing season without leaving the soil dry between two watering spells.

In the Pot

For cooler climate, growing arum lily in pot is best. This way you can move it inside in winter. In a small garden, balcony or terrace, pot grown arum lily looks beautiful. Choose loam based potting mix for optimum growth.

Requirements for Growing Arum Lily


For growing arum lily choose a location that is sunny but not hot. If you are growing arum lily in warm climate, plant it in partial shade. It is also sensitive to cold drafts and windy exposure.

If you are planting arum lily in pot on balcony or terrace, choose a spot that is less windy. The arum can also be planted near a pond or stream, and even directly into the water. It is indeed a semi-aquatic plant.


The arum prefers a deep and evenly moist soil, rich in organic matter.


This plant grows very well at the edge of a pond that reveals its great watering needs. Water arum lily thoroughly and regularly. In dry substrate, it does not flourish.

Arum Lily Care

Arum lily care and maintenance is relatively simple:


Arum lily is a demanding plant and needs regular fertilization. In growing season, fertilize it every month with a liquid fertilizer for bulbs. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to avoid over fertilization.


Mulch the base of the plant with organic matter to protect it from cold.

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For maintenance as well as to keep the plant healthy and beautiful, pruning is necessary. To learn how to prune it, read this.


Arum lily grown in pot should be repotted once it outgrows the container and seems rootbound. Always use a few centimeter larger container than the previous one.


Arum lily care in winter is easy in climates with mild winter (USDA Zones 8 – 11). Whereas, in cooler zones you will need to save the bulbs from frost, collect and dry them in sun for a few days and remove excess soil.

Move the potted plant indoors or in a greenhouse and keep that in temperature around 50 F (10 C) and reduce watering.

Diseases and Pests

It can be affected of fungal diseases like root rot or collar rot. In pests it may be attacked by aphids, mites and mealybugs.

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  1. I bought this last week and have done anything with it except water it. It looked great when I bought it and has signs of new growth but one or two of the established leaves are yellowing at the edges. Can you tell me what may be causing this? PS very informative inspirational web site

  2. Arum Lillies will grow very successfully in a pond but in the Autumn it must be removed and planted into the ground or the freezing water will kill it. Sadly I know this from experience. So too much water in not a problem. Yellow leaves could be caused by a lack of nutrients. Mine is in chalky soil, has been watered when required, is in semi shade and has flowered well this year. Another I know of has grown in clay/silty soil, been well watered, situated in full sun with north wind protection and has produced more flowers than mine. Both have had leaf yellowing but the leaves are simply removed.

    • Yes. Remove the fleshy outer coat, then plant the small black seeds about 1cm below the surface. They will sprout in the spring.

  3. love the arum lily in the flower beds but mine all died as it was just so cold this winter now bought one and have put it in a pot when should i put it outside in abbotsford bc just love them

  4. I have a white arum lily from a plant my Grandmother had, and she died in 1963! I keep it indoors in a pot. I haven’t had any flowers for a while, but it’s healthy, and I’m just glad it’s still alive!

  5. Arum Lillies are not nice plants at all.
    Please grow something else from this wonderfull catalogue.
    They are poisonous, extremely invasive to the natural environment, almost impossible to kill off and dont even help bees. In Australia, they are a notifiable weed.
    Thank you.


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