12 Ways to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden

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Looking for Ways to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden? These innovative ideas will surely make everyone jealous!

Grow ZZ Plants in Home

ZZ plants are one of the most versatile options, and match every room decor, or garden setting without any troubles!

Growing ZZ Plants Indoors

ZZ plants are like the ultimate chill roommates for your house. They’re happy with low light, so you don’t need a ton of sunshine streaming in. Think of a spot near a north-facing window or even just a room with plenty of indirect light.

Plus, they’re total troopers when it comes to watering. Just stick your finger in the soil every now and then—if it feels dry all the way down, give them a drink, but otherwise, no worries! They store water in their underground bulbs, so they’re okay waiting between sips. Easy care and good looks—sounds like a perfect match, right?

Growing ZZ Plants in the Garden

Grow ZZ Plants in Home 2

You can easily grow ZZ plants outside the walls of your home, too. It’s true! As long as you live in a warm climate (think toasty, not chilly!), give your ZZ a try in the garden. Find a shady spot—under a tree or a covered porch works great. They’re not fans of direct sunburns. Watering stays pretty similar to indoors—wait until the soil feels completely dry before giving them a good soak.

Remember, they’re still those same water-storing champs! Just be sure the soil drains well because soggy feet are a no-go for these easygoing plants.

Ways to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden

1. Create a Focal Point

Growing ZZ Plants in the Garden

What better way to show off your ZZ plant pot than creating a home centerpiece? Make sure it’s in the corridor or the home entrance.

2. ZZ Plant Garden Bed

Ways to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden 2

You can also go with a good, old-fashioned bed just outside your window. It would make a pretty display and double as a privacy wall.

3. Use as a Desk Plant

Growing ZZ Plants in the pot

If you spend much time working or studying, a desktop ZZ plant companion could take a bit of the stress off.

4. Create a ZZ Plant WallWays to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden 4

To create such a wall, you need tall raised beds. But if you don’t want to restructure the space, you can always line up pots on the top of an existing wall.

5. ZZ Plant in a Macrame Hanger

Growing ZZ Plants in hanging pot

Macrame hangers look really pretty, especially when they’re filled with ZZ plants.

6. ZZ Plant Kokedama

Ways to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden 6

Here’s what will make your ZZ plant growing experience fun–a kokedama ball. It’s pretty easy and looks natural.

7. ZZ Plant Terrarium Display

Growing ZZ Plants in glass pot

Why don’t you grow your ZZ plant in an open terrarium? It’ll be link a cute and tiny little jungle in a jar.

8. Pair it with a Snake Plant

Ways to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden 8

Pairing a snake plant and a ZZ plant is a fantastic idea. They’re a low-maintenance dream team and are perfect for busy gardeners.

9. ZZ Plant in the Bathroom

Growing ZZ Plants indoor

Are you bored of the same old plain Jane bathroom? Spruce it up with ZZ plants growing in bathroom pots on stubby stands.

10. ZZ Plant on Cozy Balcony Couch

Ways to Grow ZZ Plants in Home and Garden 10

Did we mention that growing ZZ plants can complete any balcony sitting space or cozy chill spot? Well, it does.

11. Grow ZZ Plant in Water

Growing ZZ Plants in vase

You can also grow one of these in a glass bowl or jar. Just change the water every 3-4 days to keep it healthy.

12. Put it In a Rustic Container

Growing ZZ Plants in the pot

The arching leaves of ZZ plant will look spectacular in an old white container atop a wooden ‘stand.’

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