24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram

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Fan of variegated large foliage plants? These Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram will lure you into gracing your home with this beauty!

Caladiums come in plenty of shades, shapes, and sizes and shower the best tropical vibes wherever they grow. Spruce your interiors by taking inspiration from these Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram!

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Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram

1. Colorful Corner of Hanging and Potted Houseplants 24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 1

Dedicate a corner of your house to display the stunning houseplants. For this purpose, you may use plant stands, pots, and hanging planters.

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2. Variegated Caladiums Family on a Plant Stand

Group the different specimens of Caladium on a low stool for a beautiful foliar show.

3. Gorgeous Houseplants Bouquet in Showy Planters

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 2

Caladiums go pretty well with Ferns, Persian Shields, and Snake Plants. Group them in showy planters for attractive decor.

4. Caladiums Basking by the Window with other Houseplants

Utilize your sunny windowsill to the fullest by displaying your favorite houseplants in pretty containers.

5. Room of Variegated Caladiums

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 3

Own a collection of variegated Caladiums? Gather them all in one place.

6. Florida Calypso Decking the Center Table

The large foliar specimen is sure to lure your guests with its beauty!

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7. Caladium Thriving under Grow Light with other Houseplants

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 4

Give your indoor caladiums a dose of bright warmth with grow lights.

8. Array of Gorgeous Caladiums

Line the gorgeous caladiums in pretty planters in the living room.

9. Queen of Variegated Caladiums!

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 5

This large foliage variegated Caladium is such a showstopper!

10. Mini Wooden Stand of Multi-Sized Houseplants

Give dimension to your house by arranging multi-sized foliar species on a mini wooden shelf.

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11. Caladium ‘Allure’ Setting Houseplant Goals

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 6

Take your houseplants collection game to the next level with this white beauty—Caladium ‘Allure’.

12. Beautiful Color Show!

Flaunt your gardening skills by displaying colorful Caladiums at the entrance.

13. Vintage Caladium Spot

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 7

Upgrade the aesthetics of your interiors by planting Caladiums in cane and stone planters, as shown in the picture.

14. Stunning Indoor Caladium in a Cheery Green Ceramic

Colorful ceramics never go out of style! Get one that goes well with your Caladium.

15. White and Green Caladiums against Pastel Backdrop

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 8

Green and white foliage Caladiums will look stunning against the pastel walls of your room.

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16. Large Foliage Pinky Queen in a Mini Black Pot

Awestruck your guests with this large foliage, ‘Pinky Queen’, as a tabletop dispay.

17. Houseplants in Cane Pots Showering Boho Vibes

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 9

Give your interiors a bohemian makeover by displaying Caladiums and other Houseplants in Cane pots.

18. Tropical Oasis!

Turn your home into a tropical oasis by including the gorgeous specimens shown in the picture.

19. Portable Caladium Stand

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 10

A portable Caladium stand will help you move the houseplants with ease.

20. Caladium Lindeni Standing Tall Between Rubber Figs

Not just colors, Caladiums come in Green, too; look at this beauty!

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21. Beautiful Combination of Red & Green!

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 11

This beautiful combo of red and green is sure to become the focal point of your house.

22. Stunning Carolyn Whorton in a White Pot

Display the most beautiful Caladium ‘Carolyn Whorton’ in a white pot for distinct home decor.

23. A Contrasting Caladium Corner

24 Indoor Caladium Ideas from Instagram 12

Create a contrasting Caladium corner at your house, displaying ‘Allure’ with some colorful Caladiums.

24. Large Pink Caladium Highlighting amidst the Houseplants

Add the large foliage pink caladium to your houseplant collection and watch it steal the show!

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