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What is a Green Curtain | How to Grow a Living Plant Curtain

Wondering What is a Green Curtain? If you want to know How to Grow a Living Plant Curtain, then here are all the details for you!

What is a Green Curtain

Growing a uniform array of plants is one of the best ways to enjoy privacy and get a calm and relaxing feeling. If grown outdoors, it also helps block the sun, resulting in energy savings! Here’s all you need to know about How to Grow a Living Plant Curtain in the simplest way!

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What is a Green Curtain?


According to a study adding green elements around the home environment is an excellent way to lower levels of stress and anxiety. A green curtain will ensure you always have a connection to nature indoors.

Outdoors–green curtains are plant installations on the side of buildings, homes, offices, or any place where you would like them to be. Having them is the best way to add some greenery while combating the sun’s heating effect.

Living curtains add an aesthetic look to the walls and make the surroundings cool, mainly during summer.

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How to Grow a Living Plant Curtain

What is a Green Curtain 2

1. Choosing a Location

If you are growing them indoors, then pick a spot that gets bright and indirect light and one that is not too windy.

Plant selection should be according to the level of light that location or part of your house or room gets. For outdoors, select a spot that gets full sun if you want to block the sun rays using these plants. Or, choose shade-loving plants if you’re doing this to improve privacy.

2. Best Indoor Plants for Living Green Curtain

Selection of the correct plant variety is also one of the essential steps while making a green curtain indoor. You can go with peperomias, string of rubies, dichondra silver falls, pothos, creeping jenny, heart-leaf philodendron, and other trailing houseplants.

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How to Make a Green Curtain Indoors?


The trick here is to train the vines in a way that they fall and cover the entire spot like a curtain. For this, you can place the pot on top of the spot and then let the vines fall. You can also fix some hooks on the walls or windows and then train the vines.

If you want to grow them near a balcony or window, then it would be a great idea to make a shelf above and then line pots on it. You can also hang them from above using S-hooks, as shown in the image above.

Taking Care of Green Curtains

  • Water the vines frequently but carefully when the soil seems dry.
  • Make sure the plants get plenty of bright and indirect light for dense growth and look.
  • Avoid waterlogging, as root rot might spoil the lush look.
  • Use a foliar spray to feed the plants, if possible, clean the leaves often.
  • For a better look, you can also use netting across the window or a wall to ensure the vines trail properly and in shape.

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Outdoor Places that Can Benefit from Green Curtains

What is a Green Curtain 8

You can also include green curtains on the side of the buildings, gardens, and fences. If you have shade-loving plants in your yard, then you can use green curtains for an aesthetic appeal.

The best plant species to grow outdoors are anything that trails profusely, something that grows well in your climate. Some of the common names are black-eyed susan vine, jasmine, cucumber, morning glory, pole beans, curtain creeper, hyacinth bean vine, English ivy, Virginia creeper, or perennials for an everlasting show.

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