14 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s view in Garden and Backyards

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If you are looking for Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards then we have some really great options you can use!

We all want a little privacy when we sit to chill out with our family and friends. If you too want to do the same without spending too much money, then we have some amazing Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards!

Have a look at some helpful balcony privacy ideas here

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards

1. Grow Hedges

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards

If the space and budget both are tight, choose to go green and grow evergreens such as Arborvitae or Italian Cypress that can block out neighbor’s view. You can also add some flowers and other plants around for more appeal.

2. Outdoor Curtains

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Hanging some outdoor curtains can be one of the cheapest privacy ideas for your garden. It can not only offer the much-needed privacy but can also be easily folded when you don’t need any.

3. Layered Privacy Plants

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards 2

You can plant a mix of evergreen or deciduous shrubs, small trees, and perennials that can create a more naturalistic appearance. Particularly, if you layer plants and group them up in odd numbers, it can offer good privacy from the prying eyes.

4. Wooden Boards


Wooden boards, in different shapes and sizes, can offer privacy at a low price. Louver, vertical board, or horizontal wooden fence are some of the best choices. You can also look for wooden boards for cheap at salvage yards.

5. Privacy Fence Using Old Windows and Doors

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards 3

You can also create a privacy screen by using old doors and windows with louvers and line all of them up against the side of the backyard or garden that you aim to cover up. Check out the idea here!

6. Rolling Curtains

Rolling curtains are another fantastic option to offer you instant privacy in your patio small garden. The best part is, you can open and close them at your will and it also lets you control the amount of light you want in your yard.

7. Bamboo Fence

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards 4

You can build a screen made of bamboo to keep the prying eyes of your neighbors away from your property and also lend it some Asian charm. Choose to either buy one for cheap or make your own, here!

8. Build a Container Garden

Make a container garden using potted plants like clumping bamboo or arborvitae that can be placed in a way to create a green fence around a raised space in your garden or a seating area.

Remember to arrange the containers on casters or use lightweight pots so it is easy for you to move them around for garden parties or maintenance work. 

9. Art Wall

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards 5

Choose to put this cheap idea to block your neighbor’s view of the year to create a canvas wall. All you need are some cheap wooden pallets with some paint and you will have a privacy wall that also looks the part!

10. Create a Tree Branch Fence

It is another interesting way to add some privacy to your garden for cheap. Use fallen tree branches or the leftovers from pruning and pile or arrange them up on the fence or any other area where you want some privacy.

You can also add some trailing plants to them to make it more private!

11. Grow a Plant Wall

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards 9

Grow a living wall by growing large foliage and flowering plants to cover up the exposed area in your backyard. You also have an option to make an edible living wall, check out our article here

12. Chicken Wire Privacy Screen

Using chicken wires to make a fence for the desired part in your garden could be an easy, and quick way to add a privacy screen. You can even grow some climbers or place some twigs or such to cover it all and you can block your neighbor’s view for cheap. 

13. Install a Corrugated Metal Fence


You can create a privacy screen by installing a corrugated metal fence in your backyard. It gives a sleek look at a cheap cost and is easily available from hardware stores.

Just some wooden beams scaled on concrete bases, corrugated metal sheets and your fence are ready to rock.

14. Make a Vertical Garden

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s Views in Gardens & Backyards 10

An arrangement of plants is another great idea to add some privacy to your yard. Use a wire mesh to hang pots of different shapes and sizes to create a colorful barrier!

A Tip: Adding trailing plants like pothos or English ivy will add more privacy!

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