How to Grow Giant Big Succulents Faster (8 Tricks that Work)

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Want to Grow Big Size Succulents faster? Learn how to do this with 8 straightforward tricks shared in this article.

Grow Big Succulents with a fast growth rate to make sure they stand out in the garden or pots with their giant appearance!

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How to Grow Big Succulents

1. Go for the Right Variety

How to Grow Big Size Succulents

The best way to make sure your succulents grow big is to choose a variety that naturally grows big because, for example, you can’t expect a haworthia fasciata to be very huge. Some of the best ones you can cultivate are Adenium, Aeonium, Euphorbias, and Kalanchoes, along with some of the Echeveria varieties.

2. Choose Succulents that are Easy to Grow

Choose Succulents that are Easy to Grow

Picking varieties that are easy to grow will ensure they will live long and develop into bigger specimens when mature without any trouble.

Some easy-to-grow succulent genera are Agave, Echeveria, Euphorbia, Aeonium, Aloe, Crassula, Faucaria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, and Sansevieria.

3. Selecting the Right Pot is the Key

Selecting the Right Pot is the Key

The key to growing succulents in the best of their size is to keep them in a pot that’s neither too big nor too small. Planting them in an overly big pot is not going to make them grow bigger and faster.

If you use a bigger pot, it will result in overwatering, and an extra small pot will prevent the root’s development, reducing the plant’s growth while forcing the succulents to produce more pups.

Go with this rule—if your plant has a width of 4 inches, a 5 inches diameter container will be perfect for it. Using a correct-sized pot provides sufficient space for the plants to grow healthy without crowding the roots.

4. Locate them at the Right Spot

Locate them at the Right Spot

The correct spot also plays an important role in achieving a bigger size. Most succulent varieties prefer a combination of bright indirect light and direct sun for a few hours daily to grow well.

It is necessary to know about the type you are growing and its requirements. For example, echeveria requires 4-5 hours of sun each day.

While growing succulents in pots, an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade should be perfect.

Also, keep in mind that most succulents are not frost tolerant; therefore, if you live in a cold climate, bring plants indoors in winter or grow cold hardy varieties.

5. Use the Right Growing Medium

Use the Right Growing Medium

Succulents grow bigger when they have a favorable growing medium that assists the growth. A succulent potting mix or any soil type that drains well and is not very rich keeps the plants healthy and makes them bigger.

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6. Know About Your Succulents

Know About Your Succulents

It is important to know what type of succulents you’re growing or want to grow so you can take care of them accordingly. Some succulent species remain too small, like Blossfeldia liliputana, which is a tiny cactus around half an inch in diameter at maturity. On the contrary, the Baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) is considered the largest succulent in the world.

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7. Plant Some of them on the Ground

Plant Some of them on the Ground

In cold regions with regular frost, growing succulents on the raised beds is not a good idea as most of them are not frost-hardy and may die.

But in moderate climates, succulents can take benefit of the available space when propagated on the ground–they grow big and beautiful.

8. Feed Cleverly

Feed Cleverly

It will be best to feed them more frequently, once in 14-20 days in their growing season, with a balanced liquid fertilizer but in a low amount diluted to 1/4 of the recommended strength, just like what commercial growers do. Avoid feeding in winters in USDA zones below 9.

Fertilize the plants when the daytime temperature stays above 60 F (15 C).

Other Important Factors that Impact the Size of Succulents

  • Notice the leaves of the succulents — if they are mushy, it indicates a sign of overwatering. Also, snip away dead, damaged, and older leaves from time to time.
  • Most succulents perform well in the temperature range between 50-90 F (10-32 C). To promote proper growth, protect the succulents from sudden temperature changes and fluctuations.
  • It will be reasonable to change the growing medium at least once in 2 years.
  • Keep them slightly root-bound and also change the size.

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  1. Absolutely loved this article and the pictorials. My grandmother instilled in me a love of succulents that has to this day been a favorite. She, however, seemed to be able to grow them in just about the poorest of soils (i.e., S.C. red clay mixed with a paltry amount of dirt!). Keep bringing us what you know and thank you!

    • I am a Jade Plant lover as well. I have a 3 ft tall, and 3 1/2 ft wide, 60+ yrs old Jade Tree. It bloomed a few weeks ago with white, star-shaped, tiny, flowers. It’s an easy plant to grow as well. I wish I could send you a picture.

  2. I would like to learn more about how to stimulate growth in sacurrants, some time alot of time to grow, moreso I would like to buy but wanted to find out if they can be transported to Zambia

  3. I started a relationship with a Perle Von Nurnburg about a year and a half ago. I fell in love with its beauty. Now I have over 200 different varieties of succulents and love each and every one. They are so unique and their colors are amazing! Thanks for the tips! They are much appreciated.


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