11 Ways to Train a Wandering Jew Plant

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Love growing tradescantia and looking for Ways to Train a Wandering Jew Plant? We have 11 different ideas to copy!

The Wandering Dude Plant, also known as Tradescantia Zebrina, is known for its creeping vines that love to cascade and explore. While it has a free spirit, you can definitely encourage it to grow in a certain way.

Ways to Train a Wandering Jew Plant

1. Twirl It Around a Moss Pole

Wandering Dude Plant indoor

A moss pole is a great way to go. You can easily get one of these or even make one yourself. Once you have it ready, just stick it in the pot and twirl the Wandering Jew vines around it.

2. Train it on the Ladder Trellis

Wandering Dude Plant in bookshelf

If you have a young plant and want something pretty that will look good indoors, go with a cute little trellis like this. You can make it with bamboo sticks easily.

3. Hang it High

What’s the best way to show off your beautiful tradescantia zebrina? Get a hanging pot and let it cascade down gracefully, or keep it high up on a plant stand or shelf.

4. Modern Tiny Trellis Idea

Wandering Dude Plant trellis

You can find many such trellis online, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They’re perfect if you want to train your Wandering Jew and look absolutely gorgeous. What more could you want?

5. Hexagon Trellis

Wandering Dude Plant in hexagonal trellis

Speaking of a modern trellis, here’s a hexagonal one that will work just as nicely to train your tradescantia; if you can’t take care of the real plant, try it on a fake one, and it will still look good.

6. Use a Tree for it to Grow

Wandering Dude on trees

If you’re growing it on the lawn, the best way to train one of these plants is by letting it cover the base of the tree, or if you have a tree stump, this can be a nice decor idea.

7. Train it Inside a Cabinet

Wandering Dude Plant in cabinet

Once you train a Wandering Jew in a cabinet, there’s no going back. Just put a pot with this plant on a shelf in one of the cabinets and it will slowly expand and occupy the space that’s available around it. Pretty neat, huh?

8. Create a Heart Topiary

If you don’t want a huge Wandering Dude plant and only want to train a smaller one so it looks aesthetically pleasing, this kind of trellis is perfect. Use metal wire to make it–it’s sturdy and can take the weight.

9. Let it Hang Down from a Hanging Basket

Training this plant is not about making it reach as high as you can, as it’s not a climber but a creeper.

10. Give it a Bunch of Space

What do you do when you cannot find a trellis for your Wandering Jew? You let it flow free. It might look shabby at first, but after a few months, you’ll see it spreading all around and occupying the spaces in every direction.

11. Make a Tradscantia Curtain

You must have seen our post on the pothos curtains; how about creating a wandering jew curtain by hanging a few of these plants high up together?

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