When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies

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Watering jade plant in a right manner is crucial to ensure it stays happy, while staying away from root rot and diseases.
Watering jade plant

Crassula ovata is a champ plant when it comes to surviving drought, but that also doesn’t mean that it never needs to get its soil moistened. So, what’s the right trick to watering jade plants? Let’s find out!

Watering Jade Plants

The number #1 rule is to avoid watering your outdoor or indoor jade plant very often. Being a succulent, it stores essential moisture in its leaves and uses it accordingly. When you moisten the growing medium way more than needed, the excess water starts to rot the roots.

So, what’s the right rule to follow? It is simple – the one we recommend in almost all our articles! – Water this plant only when the topsoil, up to 2 inches deep, becomes dry.

If you’re a new gardener, use a moisture meter to make things a little easier for yourself.

When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies

When and How to Water a Jade Plant So It Never Dies 2

Do remember that there is no particular day/s rule for jade plant – it all depends on the climatic conditions, temperature, environment, and overall growing atmosphere the plant is in. It would be a good idea to check the moisture level once in 5-8 days.

Another important factor to consider is to avoid using too big a container – as it will accommodate more soil, which, in turn, will soak more water = a sure shot disaster for the plant. Always go for a pot that’s one size bigger than the root ball.

Key Pointers

  • Yellow, brown, or translucent (mushy) foliage, with a soft and droopy appearance and brown spots, indicates overwatering.
  • Foliage getting crisp, brown, and finally dropping from the plant indicates underwatering.
  • Ensure the water is never too cold or hot. Also, go for RO one.

How to Water a Jade Plant?

Watering jade plant 2

Always water deeply–not a bit today and a bit tomorrow, but thoroughly until it starts to seep out from the drainage holes.

Also, avoid getting the foliage wet (overhead watering), as it may cause the leaves to attract pests along with diseases and water spots.

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