20 Vertical Garden Home Decoration Ideas

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Don’t let the limited space in your house stop you from growing plants of your choice. Take inspiration from these Vertical Garden Home Decoration ideas!

Gardens are not limited to sprawling yards these days. You can make the best use of space by growing them vertically indoors. How? Have a look at these Vertical Garden Home Decoration ideas for inspiration!

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Vertical Garden Home Decoration

1. Indoor Metal FrameVertical Garden Home Decoration

Construct a metal frame on the wall with sections to fit different wooden planters.

2. Ikea Ladder Plant Stand

Ikea’s satsuma plant stand is a perfect solution to grow your plants without a lot of space.

3. Wooden Shelves for Pots

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 2

Convert a corner of your room to a plant wall by keeping pots on wooden shelves.

4. A Plant Showcase

A minimalistic wooden frame on a home workspace wall will be a great place to showcase your favorite houseplants!

5. Wooden Plant Hanger on Balcony

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 3

A tall wooden frame on a balcony’s wall is a great way to save space and grow plants.

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6. Hanging Indoor Plants

Use the limited space wisely in rooms by making a hanging plant holder.

7. An Artistic Plant Hanger

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 4

A modern way to decorate your ladder.

8. A Metal Frame for Climbing Indoor Vines

A metal box frame and a wooden ladder will offer a perfect solution to grow indoor vines.

9. Pothos on a Wooden Ladder

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 5

Rest a wooden ladder on any open space on the wall to grow vining plants like pothos.

10. Plastic Hanging Planters

These smart plastic planters are lightweight and can be used to grow plants together.

11. Pair of Mini Ladders

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 6

Two small ladders on a wooden cabinet offer a lot of space to hang multiple pots.

12. Eco-Friendly Living Room

Make an eco-friendly room with a plant wall, potted palm, and climbing vines.

13. Vertical Wall Garden

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 7

A vertical wall garden behind a couch will be a welcoming addition. You can also create a succulent or moss wall.

14. Wooden Flower Boxes

A great solution to use the space on the wall to grow your favorite plants!

15. An Indoor Green Tower

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 8

Grow different plants on a wooden or metal frame with its bottom section in a large metal container.

16. Wooden Wall Trellis


This looks beautiful and offers a perfect way to use the limited space to maximum to hang plants.

17. Patio Plant Stand

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 9

A wooden stand with different sections gives you tonnes of space to grow plants.

18. Plant Wall Art

How about growing plants on a wall as an art for a change!

19. Colorful Pots on Shelves

Vertical Garden Home Decoration 10

If you have a small balcony, this setup, with colorful pots on shelves, makes the perfect sense.

20. Designer Pot Hanger

These designer plant hangers add a touch of class on walls with matching white curvy planters.

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