15 Indoor Plants in Glass Jar Ideas

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Check out these Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas to grow the cuttings of your favorite houseplants without maintenance.

Growing plants in water is the cleanest way to enjoy the greenery at home. Here are some really amazing Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas that you can use to display plants in style.

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Indoor Plants in Glass Jars

1. Monstera in Mini Mason Jar

Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas

The ‘broken heart’ Monstera adansonii doesn’t grow big and looks spectacular in mini mason jars.

2. Golden Pothos in a Vase

The green and yellow leaves of the pothos plant look quite attractive in vases.

3. A Glass Jar with a Wooden Stand

Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas 2

A glass jar with a wooden stand will give it quite a handsome look.

4. On the Floor!

You can use a jar filled with water as pots on the floor too.

5. Colorful Bracts of Anthurium in Glass Pot

Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas 3

The dark foliage and colorful bracts of anthurium will look lovely in a glass pot.

6. Snake Plant in a Small Jar

The tall leaves of the snake plant will look magnificent coming out from a small jar.

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7. String of Pearls in Glass Platter

Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas 4

The green pearls like leaves of the plant will look simply amazing on a glass platter.

8. Plant Cutting in a Tall Bottle


The polka dot begonia plant cutting will look simply great in a tall glass bottle.

9. Herbs in Big Jars


Mason jars for drinking would be best to grow herb cuttings–display them together on one of the tabletops in your kitchen.

10. Pilea in a Very Tall Vase

A tall pilea with its bright green leaves will look just right in a tall vase.

11. Transparent Hydroponic Arrangement

Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas 10

A transparent hydroponic jar will help you to keep an eye on root development while looking alluring.

12. Air Plant in a Glass Jar

A cute air plant in a glass jar with a roped lid looks eye-catching.

13. Weeping Ficus in Jar

Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas 11

A cool way to decorate your windowsills and tabletops.

14. Alocasia Stingray in Water

The dark green foliage and contrasting light roots of the plant will look great on tables.

15. Aloe Vera in a Glass Terrarium

Indoor Plants in Glass Jars Ideas 12

Aloe vera plant inside a glass terrarium with glass pebbles can be kept anywhere.

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