Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant Symptoms and How to Revive it

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Check out the Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant Symptoms & How to Revive it! We have some awesome tips that will help you save your plant on time!


Like most succulents, Aloe Vera is not a complex plant to grow. However, if you are going to keep it in the harsh sunlight for long, the leaves might get scorched, making them droop. So, is there any way to save it? Yes! Have a look at Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant Symptoms & How to Revive it!

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Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant Symptoms

If you think your Aloe Vera is bathing in too much sun, here are some things you could watch out for:

  • Green leaves turning brown or red, especially at the tips.
  • Brown spots on the leaves called sunspots.
  • Leaves starting to fade into a pale green color.
  • There is a sudden need to water the plant more than usual, because the soil is becoming too dry.

How to Revive a Sunburnt Aloe


Once you have realized that your plant has suffered from excess exposure to sunlight, here is how you can save it from dying and revive the succulent.

  • Immediately remove the plant from direct exposure to the sun. Consider placing it on top of a table in the middle of a room or any shaded place for a while, till it revives.
  • Give it a good shower because if the plant is dealing with excessive sunlight, it’s probably dry. Usually, succulents do not need much water but giving them a shower will help them revive from excessive sunburn.

Is Your Aloe is Struggling After Recovery?

You have removed the plant from direct sun exposure, and it continues to look sick, brown, and just wilting away, then you might have a different issue. 

  • Underwatering is a real problem that can cause your aloe vera to dry out, and eventually die. Watch out for the tips – if they are mushy and brown, then it is a clear sign that the plant is low on moisture because the water reaches the tips last.
  • Also, ensure that you do not damage the plant with overwatering. It can easily cause the roots to rot, making the plant droop, turn brown, and eventually die.

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